Rethink Podcast: Derek Prince, President and CEO, HMG Healthcare

In this episode, Skilled Nursing News speaks with Derek Prince, president and CEO of HMG Healthcare. HMG oversees 37 post-acute care facilities across Texas and Kansas. Derek is one of the Texas operators leading the American Health Care Association’s lawsuit against federal agencies, seeking to rescind the staffing rule. Derek has also served as a […]

American Health Partners CEO Reveals ‘Secret Sauce’ for Value-Based Care in Skilled Nursing

When it comes to value-based care models and appropriate reimbursement, nursing home operators must think about the care team behind the model. Whether it’s Institutional Special Needs Plans (I-SNPs) or accountable care organizations (ACOs), a robust clinical team is crucial to aligning with positive quality outcomes. That’s according to Mike Bailey, president and CEO of […]

Rethink Podcast: Eran Arden, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, RESTORE-Skills

In this episode, Skilled Nursing News speaks with Eran Arden, Chief Executive Officer and Founder at RESTORE-Skills, which recently launched a new platform to enable skilled nursing operators to improve efficiency, make data-driven decisions, and enhance productivity. Arden, who began his career in digital marketing in Israel, says that in the “post PDPM world,” nursing […]

‘A Lot of Noise’: Cedar Community CEO Touts Success in Rehospitalizations, Staffing Amid Medicare Advantage Challenges

As staffing challenges persist, operators are striving to make nursing homes a more attractive place to work and some simple, tried and true tactics are at play. Gauging employee well-being through annual surveys – administered quarterly for new hires – and acting on the feedback is proving to be a technique that has turned out […]

Rethink Podcast: Nicole Pretre, CEO, Cedar Community

In this episode, Skilled Nursing News speaks with Nicole Pretre, president and CEO of Cedar Community, a 5-campus community with skilled nursing. Nicole says that while often overlooked, employee surveys have turned out to be turnover busters. While time intensive, they have been effective tools, alongside other workforce initiatives, in allowing clear communication and addressing […]

Rethink Podcast: Jerald Cosey, Founder and CEO, J. Cosey Speaks

In this episode, Skilled Nursing News speaks with Jerald Cosey, senior health care expert and owner of J. Cosey Speaks, who served as operational leadership development director for American Senior Communities until September 2023. Jerald, a senior care veteran, says nursing home operators must “rehydrate and motivate” their staff through leadership development, reigniting purpose while […]

CarDon CEO: With Headwinds Contracting Nursing Home Margins, Survival Comes Down to Ancillary Services

The nursing home business is in a contraction phase, with continued increased labor costs, revenue draining government initiatives including but not limited to the minimum staffing proposal, and managed care diverting patients away from the space. Operators must balance census and labor with innovative ideas to stay afloat, says Kent Rodgers, President and CEO of […]

Principle LTC CEO: All-Hands-On-Deck Staffing Approach Paid Off, Leadership Team Development a Top Priority

As Principle LTC maintains a focus on staff retention and recruitment, the company is developing new programs to ensure staff have meaningful relationships to their roles. Lynn Hood, CEO of Principle LTC, which manages 45 facilities across North Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia, said that over her lengthy career in health care, she has learned that […]

Touchstone COO: Future Rests on Thinking Differently About Staffing, Going Beyond 4 Walls of Nursing Homes

As Touchstone Communities maintains its focus on building a continuum of care, the well-being of its staff members – and allowing them to work on “top of their licenses” – remains a foundational philosophy for the organization. Leslie Campbell, COO for the Texas-based company since 2020, spoke about the importance of engaging Touchstone’s clinical workers […]

Elmbrook CEO Coble: Nursing Home Operators Must Prepare for End of Fee-For-Service Medicare

Oklahoma-based Elmbrook Management has doubled in size since 2018, and now is in the process of transforming from a skilled nursing provider into a population health management organization. Doing so is necessary to prepare for the future, as fee-for-service Medicare is rapidly being eclipsed by managed care models, Elmbrook CEO Tom Coble said on the […]

Mission Health CEO: Medicaid Increases Open Door to Services ‘We Never Thought We Could Provide’

Increasing Medicaid rates are finally allowing skilled nursing providers to deliver the level of care their residents need, as acuity is only expected to increase. This is the perspective of Stuart Lindeman, president and CEO of Mission Health Communities. Because of this increasing recognition among states that Medicaid rates must increase, he believes it’s an […]

Providence Group CEO: Nursing Homes Must Become a ‘Destination Location’ For Leaders

By addressing the unique needs of each of Providence Group’s 152 facilities, CEO Jason Murray has created what he calls a “destination location for leaders.”  Murray has done so because the future of health care, and the nursing home industry more specifically, is local, he said. This decentralized, market model has been replicated by operators […]

Rethink Podcast #52: Jason Murray, CEO, Providence Group

The 52nd episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available. Operating 152 facilities across seven states, the Providence Group strongly believes the best decisions are made at the local level. Each of Providence Group’s facilities have their own unique needs, along with the other health care providers across the care continuum in each respective market. […]

Focused Post Acute Care Partners CEO: Texas Medicaid Rate Increase Would Be a ‘Breath of Fresh Air’

As several states across the country have extended or made permanent nursing home Medicaid rate bumps tied to the pandemic, at least in part to stem the tide of high staffing costs and inflationary pressures, Texas operators are anxiously awaiting their fate ahead of next year’s legislative session. Focused Post Acute Care Partners CEO Mark […]

Rethink Podcast #51: Mark McKenzie, CEO, Focused Post Acute Care Partners

The 51st episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available. The skilled nursing industry won’t likely see material, system-wide change until the sector’s stakeholders including CMS, operators, payors, as well as residents and their respective advocacy groups, can get on the same page. That’s according to Focused Post Acute Care Partners CEO Mark McKenzie. The […]

Why A.G. Rhodes is in a ‘Uniquely Competitive Position’ Amid Industry Ownership Upheaval, Obstacles

In spite of current trends suggesting a skilled nursing ownership shakeup, particularly an uptick in nonprofit operators either closing completely or selling to for-profit operators, one leader in the space has a differing view on their role in the sector. Georgia-based nonprofit A.G. Rhodes CEO Deke Cateau thinks that amid all of this change coming […]

Rethink Podcast #50: Deke Cateau, CEO, A.G. Rhodes

The 50th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available. In an industry fraught with headline risk – and still in the national spotlight – the future of skilled nursing will be wrapped up in words. Namely, the term “nursing home.” Deke Cateau, CEO of Georgia nonprofit operator A.G. Rhodes, says the term will become […]