With a ‘Shrink to Grow’ Plan Complete, a Strengthened Consulate Eyes Skilled Nursing Expansion

Stabilizing and turning around a single skilled nursing facility can take up considerable time and resources for any one provider. Turning around an operating company with more than 200 buildings and a multitude of internal systems takes even longer. Consulate Health Care needed multiple years. Chris Bryson who joined the Maitland, Fla.-based operator in September […]

‘It’s Not That Easy’: What Skilled Nursing Operators Should Consider Before Launching — or Joining — an I-SNP

On paper, a skilled nursing facility starting its own specialty Medicare Advantage plan sounds like an easy decision: In an era of tight reimbursements, staffing pressures, and length-of-stay declines, why not control the payment source that so frequently vexes them? But according to René Lerer, the calculus for Institutional Special Needs Plans (I-SNPs) just isn’t […]

Rethink Podcast #16: René Lerer of Longevity Health Plan

The 16th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! Over the last few years, there’s probably been no hotter topic in the skilled nursing space than I-SNPs — special Medicare Advantage plans that cover long-term residents of nursing homes and other institutional sites of care.As CEO of Longevity Health Plan, René Lerer has had […]

Rethink Podcast #15: Sue Craft of Henry Ford Health System

The 15th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! It’s never been a more important time for skilled nursing facilities to get to know their hospital partners, especially as SNFs face penalties for patient readmissions and a constant battle to maintain census and provide the best quality of care. That makes open lines of communication […]

Hospitals Also Face Length of Stay Pressures — and Skilled Nursing Can Help Ease The Burden

The relationship between skilled nursing facilities and their referring hospital partnerships can be a rocky one for both sides. But in an ideal world, it should be a partnership, with each willing to work together to achieve top patient and resident outcomes. For Sue Craft, the vice president of inpatient case management and post-acute services […]

CMS Chief Medical Officer: More Changes Coming to Nursing Home Compare, Quality Measures

The past several years have seen sweeping overhauls of nursing home enforcement on the federal level, and the Medicare program’s top clinical officer says her agency isn’t done beefing up its efforts. Dr. Kate Goodrich, the chief medical officer for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), promised that more changes are coming to […]

Rethink Podcast #14: CMS Chief Medical Officer Kate Goodrich

The 14th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! As the Medicare program’s top clinical official, Dr. Kate Goodrich has played a major role in the wave of nursing home regulatory scrutiny coming from Washington and Baltimore over the last few years.Goodrich and CMS administrator Seema Verma have placed skilled nursing facility compliance and […]

Rethink Podcast #13: Integrated Care Solutions CEO Brian Fuller

The 13th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! Skilled nursing providers can get chills at the thought of alternative payment models, which include Medicare arrangements such as bundled payments — one reimbursement shared by a range of providers for a single episode of care. After all, many bundled payment programs achieve their savings by cutting down […]

SNFs Need to Stop Thinking of Themselves as Targets for Cuts — and Get Creative

In a health care world of payment evolution and alternative reimbursement models, skilled nursing facilities have been feeling the pinch. There’s pressure to lower length of stay from both Medicare Advantage payers and accountable care organizations (ACOs). Multiple studies have found that ACOs and bundled payment models generate savings for the Centers for Medicare & […]

LTC’s Simpson: Senior Care Centers Bankruptcy Has Dragged, but REITs Aren’t to Blame for Distress

When the Dallas-based skilled nursing operator Senior Care Centers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection last December, management placed the blame firmly on its leases with its real estate investment trust (REIT) and other landlords, specifically calling them “expensive.” But Wendy Simpson, president and CEO of SCC landlord LTC Properties, Inc. (NYSE: LTC), says the […]

Rethink Podcast #12: LTC Properties, Inc. President and CEO Wendy Simpson

The 12th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! Publicly traded health care REITs have been blamed for some of the skilled nursing industry’s woes in recent years — after all, how can a provider keep up with annual escalators as it navigates an uncertain reimbursement landscape and ever-rising staffing costs?But Wendy Simpson, president […]

Rethink Podcast #11: AHCA President and CEO Mark Parkinson

The 11th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! Between the release of a “secret” list of underperforming nursing homes and multiple hearings on Capitol Hill, the skilled nursing industry has found itself under the regulatory and media microscope for most of 2019.And for the most part, Mark Parkinson thinks that’s a good thing.The […]

Parkinson: Releasing ‘Secret’ List Positive for Industry, But Nursing Homes Must Evolve — or Become a Commodity

The release of a so-called “secret” list of nursing homes considered for inclusion in a program for the nation’s worst properties sent shockwaves through the industry early last month — but the man in charge of the for-profit space’s primary trade group says the sunshine is ultimately a good thing for operators. As the skilled […]

Rethink Podcast #10: Care Providers Oklahoma President and CEO Nico Gomez

The 10th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! Skilled nursing facilities in multiple states are facing down gaps in their largest payer source: Medicaid. Across the country, providers are trying to deal with major shortfalls between the amount Medicaid pays per patient day and the amount it costs to care for a Medicaid […]

Altenheim CEO: More Skilled Nursing Closures Coming Unless Providers ‘Change Their Mindset’

The future of non-profits in the skilled nursing space — and the future of non-profit continuing care retirement communities — has been increasingly uncertain, if not outright bleak. Not-for-profit skilled nursing facilities were among the most notable casualties of low Medicaid rates in the state of Texas, while in New York, officials went so far […]

Rethink Podcast #9: Altenheim Senior Living CEO Paul Psota

The 9th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! The challenges of government reimbursement and shifting consumer demand have hit non-profits in the skilled nursing space particularly hard. Many of them have exited the business entirely, with independent non-profits and local governments moving to cut their losses and sell. Non-profit continuing care retirement communities […]

Rethink Podcast #8: Greystone Founder and CEO Stephen Rosenberg

The 8th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! Stephen Rosenberg founded Greystone 30 years ago with the modest goal of forming his own consulting shop after an executive stint at Dean Witter Reynolds. But over time, Rosenberg and Greystone built a name for themselves in the health care and multifamily housing lending space, […]

Rethink Podcast #7: sb2 Inc. Founder and CEO Chad Bogar

The 7th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available! Amid the revolution sweeping Medicare reimbursements for skilled nursing facilities — from PDPM to value-based purchasing — Medicaid has quietly emerged as a prime threat to operators across the country. Reimbursement rates in multiple states don’t cover the daily cost of caring for Medicaid residents, […]