Birx Defends Testing Progress: ‘We Only Have 1M Nursing Home Residents’

The coordinator of the White House Coronavirus Task Force on Friday defended the federal government’s progress in encouraging universal COVID-19 testing in nursing homes, asserting that the nation has the capacity to test more people than currently live in long-term care facilities. “We only have a million nursing home residents,” Dr. Deborah Birx said during […]

HHS Releases $4.9B in COVID-19 Relief for Skilled Nursing Facilities

The federal government on Friday announced the distribution of almost $4.9 billion in COVID-19 relief funds directly to skilled nursing facilities, the first specific tranche of stimulus money for the industry released since the start of the pandemic. Each skilled nursing facility in the country will receive a baseline paymentof $50,000, plus an additional $2,500 […]

No Connection Between Nursing Home Ratings, Profit Status and COVID-19 — But Race a Major Factor

Differences in nursing homes’ federal quality ratings and profit status have no bearing on the probability of COVID-19 infections, a University of Chicago researcher said during testimony before the U.S. Senate on Thursday — but preliminary data does indicate a strong connection between race and coronavirus outbreaks. “Nursing homes are often a reflection of the […]

Price Tag for Testing All Nursing Home Residents, Staff for COVID-19 Once: $440 Million

The nation’s largest organization representing nursing homes on Wednesday pegged the one-time cost of testing each resident and staff member in the United States at $440 million, arguing that substantially more funding for long-term care will be necessary to meet more stringent testing mandates. The American Health Care Association arrived at that figure by adding […]

ProMedica Reports ManorCare Income Gains, $158M in CARES Act Support

ProMedica saw improvement in its HCR ManorCare nursing home business line during the first quarter of 2020, though the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains a long-term unknown for the health system. The Toledo, Ohio-based ProMedica pulled in $17.1 million in income associated with its ManorCare business to start 2020, according to its most […]

FTC Warns Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities Not to Claim Residents’ COVID-19 Stimulus Checks

The Federal Trade Commission late last week warned operators of nursing homes and other long-term care facilities that residents’ stimulus checks cannot be counted as resources for Medicaid purposes. Citing the text of the CARES Act, the FTC affirmed that the one-time stimulus payments of up to $1,200 count as tax credits and not “resources” […]

Cuomo Backs Off on Nursing Home Prosecutions: ‘People Are Going to Die By This Virus. That’s the Truth’

Several weeks after vowing to pursue serious penalties against nursing homes with COVID-19 deaths, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo seemingly backed away from that threat in a Sunday press conference. Asked by a reporter about how the families of nursing home residents who died from the coronavirus can pursue justice for their loved ones, Cuomo […]

Verma Praises Nursing Home Staff for ‘Amazing Job,’ But Surveys Find Lingering Infection Control Problems

Leaders at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on Wednesday praised nursing home administrators and staffers for their work during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also highlighting some nagging infection-control issues observed during the first major batch of post-coronavirus surveys. State surveyors have visited about 6,800 nursing homes, or 44% of the nation’s total, […]

As Regulators Mull New Rules, Nursing Homes Must Embrace Ownership Transparency

Before COVID-19, the last major nursing home story to break into national headlines was the case of Skyline Healthcare. The New Jersey operator emerged from obscurity to amass more than 100 buildings from the Northeast to the Midwest, before collapsing under the weight of unpaid bills and operational problems. Court-appointed receivers and state officials spent […]

Fauci: Nursing Homes Need ‘Pristine, Unassailable’ Infection Control Amid COVID-19

The top medical official in charge of the federal government’s coronavirus task force on Tuesday advocated for stricter COVID-19 controls in the nation’s nursing homes, one day after the president and vice president announced a desire for expanded testing in long-term care. “I’m not sure you could practically do testing every day,” Dr. Anthony Fauci […]

Pence Recommends Testing of All Nursing Home Residents, Trump Goes Further: ‘I Will Mandate It If You’d Like’

Vice President Mike Pence on Monday told state governors that the federal government strongly recommends COVID-19 testing for all nursing home residents over the next two weeks, according to an Associated Press report — but the president later in the day indicated that he could take that guidance further. Pence reportedly made the comments on […]

CMS Mulling Multi-Phase Plan for Lifting Visitation Bans at Nursing Homes

The federal government is considering a plan that would lift visitation restrictions at the nation’s nursing homes in three phases, according to a Sunday report in the Wall Street Journal. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) would require nursing homes to achieve at least two weeks with no new COVID-19 cases before allowing […]