Landmark Hospice Bill Draft Includes Nursing Home-Related Proposals

Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) on Thursday announced that a draft bill is underway that, if enacted, would bring unprecedented reforms for hospice payment and oversight. The draft bill comes as more skilled nursing operators expand their hospice offerings, including by launching their own hospice businesses or more closely partnering with existing hospice providers. Blumenauer announced […]

New Study Validates Geriatric End-of-Life Screening Tool for Predicting 6-Month Mortality in Health Care Settings, Nursing Homes

A screening tool that predicts short-term mortality of older adults could potentially be used to improve care for high-risk patients visiting emergency departments and other health care settings, including nursing homes. A recent study published in JAMA has highlighted the effectiveness of the Geriatric End-of-Life Screening Tool (GEST) in predicting 6-month mortality in older patients […]

CMS Staffing Mandate Modified to Include LPNs in Limited Way, Still Marginalizes ‘Backbone’ of Nursing Home Workforce

The newly finalized minimum staffing standards by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have ignited a significant debate among nursing home leaders regarding the inclusion and role of licensed practical nurses (LPNs). The mandate, announced on April 22, 2024, establishes new comprehensive minimum nurse staffing requirements, aiming to enhance the quality of care […]

Rural Nursing Homes Foresee Financial Strain, Fear Failure To Qualify for Exemptions from CMS’ Staffing Mandate

Nursing homes in states with large rural communities have long struggled to grapple with workforce issues, and for most of these rural providers there seems to be no end in sight, making fulfilling the federal government’s staffing mandate an impossibility. For such communities, registered nurses (RNs) are especially hard to recruit, and statistics paint a […]

Florida’s Long-Term Care Facilities Pressured by Skyrocketing Property Insurance Costs

Over the past five years, long-term care facilities in Florida, including a few nursing homes but mostly assisted-living facilities, have been pressured due to a steep rise in commercial property insurance rates. According to the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration, insurance premiums in Florida rose by 125% during this period, with an average of […]

‘A Feasible Plan’: Inside Nursing Homes’ Push for Immigration Reform, Funding for Higher Wages, Workforce Programs

Although there is a chance the federal government’s staffing mandate may be overturned, operators should still be aware of how upcoming changes could impact their operations. This is according to sector experts, who said that while the mandate is well-intentioned, it lacks a comprehensive plan to address the realities of staffing shortages and regional variations […]

Sabra CEO: Nursing Home Staffing Mandate Not ‘Thoughtfully Reviewed’, Grounds for Legislative, Legal Action

Sabra Health Care REIT’s (Nasdaq: SBRA) CEO Rick Matros said Thursday that the federal government’s premature release of the minimum staffing mandate shows a lack of consideration given to the thousands of comments submitted against it, leaving the sector with no choice but to challenge it. During the California based real estate trust’s (REIT) quarterly […]

How Rural Nursing Homes Are Managing To Survive Amid Worries Exacerbated by the Staffing Mandate

As rural nursing homes face an ongoing battle for survival, the finalization of the nursing home staffing mandate has only served to instill more anxiety among caregivers and providers in these communities. Some approaches from the rural Midwest, from higher wages to educational training to becoming a nonprofit nursing home, look promising in improving staff […]

Antihypertensive Medication Use Linked to Increased Fracture Risk in Nursing Home Residents With Dementia

In a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that the risk of fractures was numerically higher among subgroups of residents with dementia, higher baseline blood pressure values, and recent antihypertensive medication use. The retrospective cohort study analyzed data from 29,648 long-term care nursing home residents within the Veterans Health Administration (VA) from […]

Quality Reporting Program Changes to Bring Nursing Homes ‘Into the Realm of Health Equity’

Skilled nursing facilities are set to see changes to the Quality Reporting Program (QRP), with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) making moves to address social determinants of health (SDOH) – mainly, adding factors such as living situation, food, utilities, and transportation. “These quality measures are leading us into the realm of health […]

Multiple States Roll Out Their Own Online Platforms To Ease Nursing Home Search

Several states across the U.S. have introduced online navigation platforms to assist families and residents in making informed decisions on their search for a nursing home – after a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report found that Care Compare needed fixes to better serve residents.  Both Missouri and Ohio have recently launched such tools, providing users […]

Dementia Patients in Nursing Homes Don’t Necessarily Benefit from Just Boosting Staff – Study

Increasing nursing home staffing alone will not translate into better health or quality-of-care outcomes for dementia patients. This is the finding of a recently published study in the journal, Health Services Research, which combines the efforts of experts at UC-Irvine, UCLA, and the University of Chicago.  Researchers recommend looking beyond just staffing to improve dementia […]

Health Affairs Study: Immigrant Nurses Are Crucial for Meeting Staffing Needs, Quality at Nursing Homes

Nursing homes have seen a significant shift in staffing dynamics over the past decade, with a growing reliance on immigrant certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in the midst of a void left by the declining number of native-born staff, according to a recent study published in Health Affairs.  SNN has reported that as the federal government […]

Audit of New York Nursing Homes Finds Them Unprepared for Future Disease Outbreaks

A recent audit by the New York Comptroller’s Office revealed that the state’s nursing homes are still unprepared for another pandemic or infectious disease outbreak, more than two years after the COVID-19 pandemic. The audit, led by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, found that while the state health department has made some improvements since the height of […]

CNA Turnover Linked to Scheduling Choices, Staff Stability, Optimal Hours Worked

Part-time certified nursing assistants (CNAs) play a crucial role in providing patient care at skilled nursing facilities mired with staffing shortages, and yet they face high turnover rates.  Washington State University analyzed the impact of scheduling decisions on part-time CNA turnover, addressing three key research questions related to hours worked and coworker variability. The study […]

Nursing Home Occupancy ‘Disappointingly Flat’ in November but States’ Medicaid Rebasing Encouraging

Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) specializing in post-acute care facilities experienced “disappointingly flat” occupancy rates in November, according to investment analysts. BMO Capital Market’s Juan Sanabria highlighted the challenges faced by skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in maintaining growth, with market share loss to home health. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data […]

Forbes’ Gleckman: Lack of Easy Access to Nursing Home Ownership Info Limits CMS’ Transparency Bid

Ownership transparency of nursing homes has been a subject of debate since the Biden administration floated the idea in early 2022, adding to negative notions – many say unfairly – that sullied the reputation of the sector at large. Now that the federal government has finalized a rule to expose the complex ownership arrangements within […]