Improving End-of-Life Care with In-Depth Advanced Care Planning

For most nursing home residents, the time they spend in the skilled nursing facility falls at the end of their lives. This time is usually filled with stress, uncertainty and frustration. Skilled nursing providers have the job of giving patients the care they need along with the even greater role and responsibility to prioritize patients’ […]

Why Behavioral Health Matters in SNFs in 2024

Patients in skilled nursing facilities need more than just physical care — and SNFs are wisely delivering it. The inclusion of behavioral care with primary care in the skilled nursing setting is an essential development for SNFs. The question, of course, is how best to integrate behavioral health into the care continuum. According to one […]

A SNF’s ‘Courageous Conversation’: Using Advance Care Planning

November is National Palliative Care and Hospice Month, and the 2023 theme of “Courageous Conversations” is a fitting one. Considering that nearly 95 percent of older adults are affected by at least one chronic condition, according to the National Council on Aging, the problem is widespread to say the least. The earlier someone and their […]

How SNFs Can Revolutionize Their Pharmacy Approach to Keep Residents Safe at Home, in 4 Steps

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where health is. And no matter where a senior calls home, that’s exactly where health care providers want to help them remain — including skilled nursing facilities. For SNF operators, a resident having to leave early, unexpectedly or unnecessarily is exactly what they want to avoid. A […]

Introducing Rosie’s QUANTUM: The Future of Patient Vitals Capture & Documentation

In the fast-paced world of skilled nursing, technology continues to redefine the way skilled nursing facilities approach patient care. One of their most important partners for any SNF is its electronic health record (EHR) provider, as that system drives care management, which drives outcomes. EHR connectivity platform Rosie stands at the epicenter of this transformation, […]

How Telemedicine Drastically Reduces SNF Transfers to Hospitals: Inside the Numbers

It’s easy to forget this now, but when COVID-19 first swept its way into disrupting and forever changing American life, the city that felt the largest initial impact was New York. And as Vice President and Medical Director of NewYork-Presbyterian’s Silvercrest Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation in Queens, New York, Dr. Lucan Rodrigues was among […]

Getting Ahead of State Surveyors through Live Data

State surveys are coming. The question for SNFs is simple: Will your facility be ready? The key to navigating the state survey process is knowing what areas are most commonly explored. Here is a look at the top three areas most cited amongst surveyors, with insight from experts at Real Time Medical Systems, who discuss […]

The Next Phase of Dysphagia Treatment in SNFs

Dysphagia. It’s a growing problem in skilled nursing care, and an urgent one, as the condition, in which a person has deep difficulty swallowing, can lead to serious complications including malnutrition, dehydration or even death. As of 2020, studies showed global rates of dysphagia among nursing home residents as high as 70%. These swallowing problems […]

Revolutionizing Care Coordination: How Communication Technology is Changing Skilled Nursing Facilities

A skilled nursing facility nurse is dressing a patient’s complex wound and notices a change in the wound’s condition. In the past, documenting that change and determining next steps required a combination of writing a report, taking a photo that then had to be uploaded and stored and then calling around to find the appropriate […]

How SNFs Are Strengthening Infection Prevention Through Post-Acute Analytics

As CMS continues to enforce the regulatory process around infection prevention and control (IPC) efforts, there is an increased focus on the long-term care phase 3 Requirements of Participation (RoP). With ongoing efforts to address COVID-19, the spotlight remains on Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) and, specifically, on the role of the Infection Preventionist (IP) […]

How Coordinated, Personalized Care Advances Chronic Pain Treatment in SNFs

More than half of nursing home residents suffer from chronic pain1, yet multiple studies indicate it remains largely undertreated2. The reasons are multifactorial and complex. Challenges include: identifying if residents are experiencing pain, identifying the source and severity of pain and identifying the risks and benefits associated with the use of many medications used in […]

Delivering on the Promise of Telemedicine

For a technology to be effective, it must be used. And in skilled nursing facilities, the question of ease of use — and, with it, the changing of habits — was always central with telemedicine. But those days of reluctance look like they’re over. Sound Physicians has seen a 200% increase in utilization of its […]

3 Steps SNFs Are Taking Today For Success in Value-Based Care

The right care level. The right care management. The right care transitions. Although those three areas of skilled nursing have continuously been central to patient success, in a value-based landscape, they are vital. SNF operators must be able to stay one step ahead of their patients’ care needs so they can anticipate change in conditions […]

Case Study: How Proactive Care Helped One LTC Boost Resident and Community Outcomes

Before David Dunn joined Shannon Gray Rehabilitation & Recovery Center, he’d never worked in a senior community that used an institutional special needs plan, or I-SNP, to deliver extra levels of personalized care to residents suffering from complex and chronic conditions. Now, after 10 years of working in partnership with the Optum care model, he […]

A 3-Step Guide to Family Satisfaction in Long-Term Care

For family members of long-term care residents, nothing is more important than trusting that their loved ones are safe. And for these operators, few relationships are more valuable, or potentially vulnerable, than those with the families of their residents. These hidden stakeholders are integral to many decisions about care delivery, and their trust and satisfaction […]

Transform Your Workforce with Data in 2023

The check-in kiosk is only the beginning. In 2023, skilled nursing operators continue to have one challenge higher than all others: staffing. Operators are working hard to attract and retain the best staff, often engaging staffing agencies to fill shifts. That brings additional challenges of both cost — including agency price gouging — and maintaining […]

How Technology Can Serve as a Safety Net in a Complicated Reimbursement Landscape

As with most of the sector, Cincinnati-based Carespring Healthcare Management has faced ongoing workforce challenges, and their share of insurance and reimbursement complexity. Carespring operates 15 skilled nursing properties between two states, Ohio and Kentucky, and juggles a variety of managed care payers as well as differing Medicaid systems. “Carespring offers a superb rehabilitation product, […]

5 Areas to Evaluate Your Staffing Partners

As an administrator at The Meadows of Central Massachusetts, an 82-bed transitional care facility that provides skilled nursing and rehabilitation, Stephen Fortin is familiar with a SNF’s staffing issues. For six years, Fortin has consulted with nearly two dozen nursing homes, providing a range of actionable items they can implement to improve their staffing and […]