48 States Saw Nursing Home Occupancy of 80% or Worse as 2021 Dawned — With Census as Low as 56%

Skilled nursing facilities are in the midst of a massive push to inoculate residents and staff against COVID-19, with the eventual hope of restoring routine visitations and opening more broadly to admissions from hospitals and the community. But convincing both hospitals and family members that it’s safe to place patients and loved ones in long-term […]

SNN Poll: Nursing Home Providers Split on Post-Vaccine Visitation Plans

After the physical health and safety of residents and workers, the prospect of normal visitation looms as the top promise of a smooth rollout of COVID-19 vaccines to the nation’s nursing homes. But operators will likely not make any moves until they’re given the all-clear by state and federal regulators, with a significant percentage planning […]

Inside Consulate’s Vaccine Strategy: Town Halls, Word of Mouth, and Optimism at a Nursing Home Giant

As vaccine rollouts continue at long-term care facilities, Consulate Health Care has found staff word-of-mouth critical to getting more uptake along the front lines. And like other operators, it’s seeing significant buy-in from residents. With a multi-state footprint, however, Consulate has also seen variations in how fast clinics are progressing in different parts of the […]

Stiffer Fines, CARES Act Audits: What Nursing Homes Can Expect from the Biden Administration

Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden’s pick to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, will likely bring an uptick in enforcement and an increased focus on compliance from the agency as political scrutiny turns to long-term care facilities, where an estimated 40% of COVID-19 deaths have so far occurred. Becerra, the current […]

Genesis’s LTC ACO Inks Deal with Third Eye to Expand Telehealth in Nursing Homes — Free of Charge

An accountable care organization (ACO) backed by one of the nation’s largest nursing home providers on Tuesday announced a deal to expand telehealth services to its members in a push to cut hospitalizations and boost clinical coverage — during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the new agreement, the skilled nursing tech provider Third Eye […]

To Fight Nursing Home Vaccine Hesitancy, Operators Must Tackle Individual Concerns Head-On

For one skilled nursing operator, its ethos of maintaining a strong local footprint has paid off unexpectedly in the form of facilitating COVID-19 vaccination among its frontline staff. But that facilitation wouldn’t have been possible without a focus on documenting the concerns of its workers and taking the steps to address them individually. Carespring Health […]

Nursing Home Vaccine Stories: Shots Bring Hope of Normal Visits by Q2, But Health Officials Hold Final Say

Vaccinating the nation’s nursing home residents is taking longer than many have anticipated, and the family members of those in long-term care settings are certainly forgiven for being impatient: Locked away from their loved ones for months on end, residents and their families see a desperately needed light at the end of the tunnel as […]

Addition by Subtraction: Nursing Home Operators Mull Decertifying Beds to Stay Afloat

As currently constructed, bed counts form the bedrock of nursing home finances. More beds mean more chances for reimbursement, more ways to fill a need for a hospital partner, more opportunities to offset fixed expenses. But more beds also mean a greater risk for COVID-19 infection, more logistical challenges for cohorting and staff separation, and […]

COVID Support Will Not Save Flawed Nursing Home Operators in 2021 as Distress Looms Large

When the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in skilled nursing facilities became apparent after the first major outbreak in the state Washington, dire predictions for the sector were immediate. Most of those fears, clinically speaking, were borne out horrifically over the course of 2020. But while surveys have found plummeting occupancy and significant numbers of […]

Nursing Home Vaccine Stories: One CEO’s Personal Appeal to Reduce Hesitancy

Just as predicted before the rollout began, vaccine hesitancy among nursing home workers stands as a serious barrier to widespread acceptance in long-term care — and, in turn, fully fostering group immunity among the most vulnerable. Battered by COVID-19 and unwilling to trust the institutions that oversaw the deaths of their patients and colleagues, a […]

Skilled Nursing Provider Sava Sees Dialysis Expansion as Cornerstone of Post-COVID World

Early in December, Concerto Renal Services announced that it was expanding its partnership with the skilled nursing provider SavaSeniorCare, with the addition of on-site dialysis treatments to a facility in Georgia. For Concerto, the partnership with Sava at the Dunwoody Health and Rehabilitation Center is the fourth such agreement between the two companies and marks […]