Why Nursing Home Operators Should Borrow the Home Health Playbook When Rebuilding Census

In times past, the advice for improving census at skilled nursing facilities could generally be distilled to a data strategy. That data might range from statistics on difficult-to-place hospital patients to hard numbers around key outcomes such as readmissions to the acute setting. But always the watchword was “data,” even if it wasn’t always clear […]

Fresh Off Acquisition, American Health Partners Plots Diverse Post-Acute Growth — With SNFs at Center

Even before the pandemic, American Health Partners saw growth potential by expanding beyond a core of skilled nursing facilities. The Franklin, Tenn.-based firm operates 29 SNFs through its American Health Care arm, but it also provides a wide range of other services, from home health and hospice to psychiatric care to a nurse practitioner organization. […]

A Month After Emerging From Senior Care Centers BK, Nursing Home Operator Abri Files for Chapter 11

Abri Health Care, the company that emerged from the bankruptcy of skilled nursing operator Senior Care Centers, itself filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on April 16, according to landlord LTC Properties (NYSE: LTC) and court filings. Senior Care Centers LLC, now an Abri subsidiary, is owned 100% by Abri Health Services, LLC, which in […]

What Biden’s $400B Plan to Shift Long-Term Care Home Could Mean for Nursing Home Operators

The shift to home was already a long-simmering trend in post-acute and long-term care, but the coronavirus pandemic kicked those prevailing patterns into a higher gear. In the short term, that took the form of increased diversions from skilled nursing facilities on the acute-to-post-acute pipeline, with patients discharged directly from the hospital to the home […]

From Funding to Fines, Why ‘More of Everything’ Won’t Solve Endemic Nursing Home Problems Alone

To improve the quality issues in nursing homes — many of which pre-dated COVID-19 but were brought into a harsh spotlight because of the pandemic — the entire system of skilled nursing care needs to be completely overhauled, according to one physician in the space. “I believe that our consistent failures in nursing home quality […]

PDPM Adjustments, Smaller Medicare Raise Show CMS ‘Ready to Pull Back’ on COVID Aid to Nursing Homes

As the federal government’s approach toward nursing homes and COVID-19 continues to shift from emergency support to reflection and reform, analysts are increasingly warning that the coronavirus-era gravy train could soon come to an abrupt stop. In particular, the past week has brought three pieces of news that may signal trouble ahead for operators and […]

CMS to Adjust PDPM ‘As Quickly as Possible’ Amid Evidence of $1.7B Nursing Home Payment Increase

The federal government is mulling several options to recalibrate the Medicare payment structure for skilled nursing facilities as it seeks to achieve its intended goal of budget neutrality — with the aim of shutting off excess payments sooner rather than later. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) this week determined that the Patient-Driven […]

CMS Proposes $444M Medicare Boost for Nursing Homes, Calls Out ‘Unintended’ $1.7B PDPM Gain

The federal government on Thursday announced a proposed 1.3% boost to nursing home Medicare reimbursements for fiscal 2022, while also raising the specter of a potential adjustment to the new Patient-Driven Payment Model. That increase from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) works out to a total gain of $444 million, according to […]

As COVID-19 Puts New Focus on Caring in Place, Skilled Nursing Facilities Continue to Explore Dialysis

For skilled nursing facilities, the ability to treat patients in place has far-reaching implications, perhaps most prominently in reducing unnecessary hospitalizations. Usually that reduction is framed in terms of cost, with penalties for hospitals and SNFs alike if a patient returns to the acute care setting too soon. SNFs that perform well in preventing resident […]

By Focusing on an Underserved Population, a New SNF Draws Referrals Before Opening Day

A range of people involved in the skilled nursing profession on many different levels — from hospitalists to reimbursement experts — have over the years consistently preached a key of success for skilled nursing facilities: Identify the needs of hospitals, and try to meet those needs. This is typically understood to mean taking on older […]

Infection Control Immediate Jeopardy Citations Tripled in 2020 — and Nursing Homes Should Expect Even More

In the days before the full onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S. in 2020, the federal government announced that it was reorienting all nursing home inspections to focus on infection control. The announcement on March 4 directed all inspections of skilled nursing facilities to focus on compliance with the Centers for Medicare & […]

Why Appriss Health Made a Reported $500M Bet on Post-Acute Care with PatientPing

Despite a historically devastating year for post-acute and long-term care, a major tech player in the behavioral health space sees incredible opportunity in expanding its reach into the sector — particularly as the pandemic continues to illustrate the yawning gaps in the overall health care continuum. The Louisville, Ky.-based Appriss last month made a major […]

Nursing Homes Proceed Cautiously on Group Therapy — But Vaccinations Allow Small Steps Forward

When the Medicare payment system for skilled nursing facilities was overhauled in 2019, one of the most anticipated provisions was the option to provide therapy to residents in group or concurrent settings — allowing for more socialization and cost savings. That provision got about four months of practice before the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world […]

Collaboration Between Physicians, Nursing Home Staff Should Not End With the COVID-19 Emergency

The COVID-19 emergency overturned nursing home operations overnight in almost every respect, notably with regard to the provision of clinical care. And according to a panel of physicians who work in the nursing home setting, some of those changes should stick around, even after the public health emergency finally comes to a close. Namely, they […]

How Otterbein Built a Green House Nursing Home Network — With a $12M Plan to Grow

Like many senior living and care executives, Jill Wilson’s first reaction to the “small home” model of nursing homes was a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. The year was 2004, and Wilson was the chief financial officer of Otterbein SeniorLife, a Lebanon, Ohio-based non-profit that runs senior living communities and standalone nursing campuses. The CEO […]