As Omega Reports Strong Q1 Amid Economic Challenges, Execs Optimistic Yet Disappointed in Nursing Home Staffing Rule

Omega Healthcare Investors, Inc. (NYSE: OHI) reported a successful first quarter with $75 million in new investments, including real estate loans, acquisitions, and capital projects. Despite industry challenges such as the recently announced minimum staffing rule, CEO Taylor Pickett said he is satisfied with the company’s performance, citing higher interest income, improved operational metrics and […]

Ensign’s Port: CMS’ Nursing Home Staffing Rule May Be ‘Overturned or Significantly Altered’ 

Acquisitions and the federal nursing home staffing mandate were top of mind for leaders of Ensign Group (Nasdaq: ENSG), with CEO Barry Port suggesting that the highly contested national staffing rule may be overturned in federal court or thrown out altogether. “We’re encouraged to see bipartisan support in the legislature that could result in this […]

Legacy Lifecare CEO Advocates for Specialized Support To Curb Nursing Home Closures

As many nursing homes have been forced to close due to economic hardship, a greater degree of specialization in back-office function and front-office work is proving to be necessary to maintain longevity, especially for small operators. This is according to Adam Berman, President and CEO of Legacy Lifecare, which provides back-end management services to seven […]

Why Legislation For Nursing Home Agency Labor Must Focus on Pricing, Consider State and Finalized Federal Staffing Rules

States like New York have modified their staffing mandate to reward nursing homes for avoiding costly staffing agencies, although operators don’t find this legislation particularly rewarding, especially now that the national minimum staffing mandate has been finalized. Stu Almer, CEO of Gurwin Healthcare in New York, said such legislation isn’t helpful given the ongoing workforce […]

Inside Rising Cyber Attacks: Tackling Insurance Hikes, Payment Disruptions at Nursing Homes

Health care cyber attacks have been an ever-present threat for providers, including nursing homes. But the most recent attacks on Change Healthcare have had ripple effects on the industry, prompting lobbying groups and federal agencies to action. The attack in February has affected cash flow and claims processes for some nursing home operators, associations said, […]

Nursing Home Staffing Rule’s Facility Assessments Strengthen Data Collection, Potentially Challenging Midsize Chains

As the long-term care industry comes to terms with the nursing home staffing mandate, there are many factors for operators to consider as they plan for the coming years. The final rule on staffing, which has been received with harsh criticism from the industry, establishes updates to facility assessment standards on top of the minimum […]

CMS Views Hardship Exemptions, Staggered Timeline as Easing Growing Pains From the Nursing Home Staffing Mandate

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) provided more details Wednesday on the implementation of facility assessments and exemptions extended to nursing homes over the final staffing rule. In a national stakeholder call, CMS officials addressed these issues as well as the possibility of modifying the minimum staffing thresholds in the future along with […]

CMS: Burdens, Closures Likely in Wake of Nursing Home Staffing Mandate But ‘Status Quo’ Is Not Acceptable

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) officials said Tuesday that they are confident that facilities will be able to meet the newly finalized staffing mandate’s requirements given the plan to implement it in three phases. “As the rule’s provisions are carefully calibrated and carefully phased in, we believe that with time, with the […]

‘An Extinction Event’: Industry Leaders Blast Finalized Nursing Home Staffing Mandate

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on Monday unveiled the finalized minimum staffing standards for nursing homes, drawing sharp – and deeply apprehensive – responses from leaders in the sector. CEOs of nursing home owners and operators and leaders of industry associations were all but unanimous in their reactions; among those who spoke […]

Medicare Advantage Growth Could Normalize, but Nursing Home Leaders Call for Rate Floor and Other Changes

While Medicare Advantage (MA) has grown steadily in the last several years, leaders in the nursing home sector speculate whether increased federal regulation – and perhaps even more importantly, changes in the consumer experience – will slow its growth. This would come as a welcome development to many nursing home leaders, who have been struggling […]

Senate Hearing Focuses on Long-Term Care Worker Woes, But Provider Groups Say Related Bill ‘Misses the Mark’

Federal lawmakers have introduced the Long-Term Care Workforce Support Act, in conjunction with a hearing that took place Tuesday, hosted by the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging. The bill, if passed, would increase the number of direct care professionals, including in rural communities. Some associations representing the nursing home industry said the legislation managed […]

Eduro, Care Initiatives, HDG Execs: Punitive Regulatory Climate Hurts Nursing Home Providers as Staffing Mandate Looms

In light of the upcoming nursing home staffing mandate, industry leaders are concerned about how the measure will be enforced. And, they’re still trying to cope with what they describe as a punitive approach to surveys. On the plus side, labor pressures have started to ease, and workforce initiatives are bearing fruit. “It’s just hard […]

‘Aggressive’ CMS Penalties for Nursing Homes in New SNF Rule Could Be Subject To Political Swings

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has announced proposed expansions to CMS’ existing enforcement authority – including higher fines – related to financial penalties for nursing homes. The proposed SNF rule for 2025 will allow CMS more flexibility to impose penalties, within statutory limits. The potential alterations have raised concerns about the heightened […]

CMS Value-Based Purchasing Proposals Draw Nursing Home Pushback, But ‘Stability is Welcome’

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) recently proposed Value-Based Purchasing Program updates include staffing provisions that are being met with provider concern, although other updates should be well received once the dust settles. Among recommended changes, CMS is proposing allowing SNFs to review and correct Payroll-Based Journal (PBJ) data beginning with the fiscal […]

How Nursing Home Operators Are Responding to Severe Transportation Challenges

Skilled nursing facilities across the United States are facing mounting challenges related to transportation services, as low reimbursement rates and financial fallout from the pandemic caused some transportation companies to shut down. The challenges are so severe that some operators are opting to eat the cost of chartering their own buses, in lieu of having […]

‘Gobbled Up’: CMS Medicare Increase for Nursing Homes Fails to Price in Dire Economic Environment, Costly Regulation

The federal government’s proposed Medicare payment increase for 2025 is not sitting well with the nursing home sector, with financial experts and operators raising concerns that the bump fails to compensate for inflation-induced operating costs – and a staffing proposal anticipated to cost in the billions each year. For some experts, the Centers for Medicare […]