‘Rays of Sunshine’: Nursing Home Staffing Shortages Loom Large in Hospital Discharge Crisis, but Solutions Exist

The crisis involving patients languishing at hospitals awaiting discharge into appropriate post-acute care settings has shown little signs of abating. The root causes of these discharge delays are manifold, but chief among them are workforce shortages at nursing homes. According to experts at a webinar hosted by ATI, the discharge crisis is amplified by a […]

CMS Issues First Enforcement Guidance on Staffing Mandate for Nursing Homes, Adds Few Details

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued its first enforcement guidance for the minimum staffing mandate, which will allow surveyors to assess nursing home compliance using facility assessments, although experts said little clarity was offered on key points of the provision. The provision on facility assessments was issued in Tuesday’s Quality Safety & […]

‘This Isn’t Realistic’: Nursing Homes Decry Exemptions Process for CMS Staffing Mandate Amid Survey Backlogs 

In the midst of the nursing home sector staging a legal fight against the federal government’s staffing mandate, an important consideration at play is the backlog of survey inspections that could significantly impact the attainment of exemptions from the minimum staffing requirements. It has been well documented that a shortage of surveyors has led to […]

Former NY Gov. Cuomo Calls Congressional Investigation Into His Handling of Nursing Home Admissions Politically Motivated

Former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo testified Tuesday before a Congressional subcommittee about the state’s handling of nursing home patients during the pandemic, including a controversial directive that prevented residents from being denied admission based solely on their Covid diagnosis. The interview also follows a 2022 audit by the state comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli, alleging […]

Nursing Homes Must Reevaluate their Emergency Preparedness Plans – Adding Planned Power Outages to the List

Planned power outages in response to wildfire threats are leaving some nursing homes in the dark – one facility in Boulder, Colorado was left without power for 28 hours. Generators kept running the facility’s oxygen machines, most refrigerators and freezers, hallway lights and Wi-Fi for phones and computers, according to a report originally from KFF. […]

‘A Troubling Trend’: Sudden Closures, Bankruptcies, Displaced Residents in State Put Extra Pressures on Nursing Homes

Nursing home closures and bankruptcies continue among many states, putting pressure on existing nursing homes to take on extra residents even as the workforce shortage persists and challenging staffing requirements are on the horizon. The latest closure in Pennsylvania led to the evacuation of Mountain View Care and Rehabilitation Center residents on Friday, relocated to […]

‘Fast-Tracked’: AHCA Lawsuit Opposing Nursing Home Staffing Mandate Has Strong Legs, With Injunction Expected Soon

Lawyers and other leaders in the nursing home sector believe the American Health Care Association’s (AHCA) lawsuit is strong, framed well and likely to succeed, with a decision possible by early 2025. An injunction from the plaintiffs – all 5-Star facilities located in Texas along with AHCA – regarding staffing rule’s implementation should follow in […]

‘Introduces Chaos’: Nursing Homes Oppose Expansion of Penalties as Comment Period Ends for Proposed Payment Rule 

As the comment period ended Tuesday for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) proposed rule that updates Medicare payment policies and rates for skilled nursing facilities for fiscal year 2025, a majority of the feedback centered on the possible expansion of the agency’s authority to enforce civil monetary penalties (CMPs) for noncompliance. In […]

[UPDATED] ‘A Nightmare’: AHCA Files Lawsuit Against Federal Nursing Home Staffing Mandate

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) filed a lawsuit late Thursday against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for exceeding their statutory authority and “arbitrarily and capriciously issuing” a final minimum staffing rule. The lawsuit asks the court to issue an order and […]

Nursing Home Leaders Using ‘All the Tools Available’ in Aggressive Push to Halt CMS Staffing Mandate

LeadingAge joins a slew of other nursing home industry voices in urging a multi-faceted strategy following the finalization of the federal minimum staffing rule a month ago. The advocacy group is pursuing legislative, legal and regulatory avenues to stop the mandate and build the workforce. Katie Smith Sloan, president and CEO of LeadingAge, said, “We […]

CMS Star Rating Process, with Wide State Variation, Sparks Trouble for Consumers and Nursing Homes

Hundreds of nursing homes continue to maintain or display high star ratings despite Immediate Jeopardy incidents in the previous three years, and this can create headaches for both nursing homes and consumers alike. According to a Scripps News analysis released Wednesday, which takes in to account government data from February 2024 of more than 14,000 […]

More Centers Health Care Nursing Home Facilities Involved in Medicaid Fraud Allegations

More nursing homes owned by Centers Health Care are being investigated for alleged Medicaid fraud, while also having been plagued with serious safety concerns. The 240-bed Hammonton Center and Deptford Center for Rehabilitation and Healthcare in New Jersey, join other facilities owned by Centers Health that are under investigation, according to a report from the […]

TEAM Model: Hospitals in the Driver’s Seat, Nursing Homes as ‘Collaborators’ in Latest Bundled Payment Initiative

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ (CMS) in April released a bundled payment model that is the culmination of the best aspects from such past models, all to align with the agency’s efforts to get all Medicare Fee-for-Service beneficiaries involved in value-based care by 2030. The Transforming Episode Accountability Model, or TEAM, is considered […]

Nursing Home Challenges To Stir Upcoming Elections as Pennsylvania’s Contentious Senate Race Shows

Nursing home challenges are becoming a hot topic in election debates, most recently with a race in Pennsylvania between incumbent Sen. Bob Casey and his Republican challenger David McCormick. Industry experts have predicted that nursing homes, along with other settings in long-term care, will be central for future presidential candidates as well. The growth of […]

AHCA/NCAL: Nursing Home Staffing Rule Will Cost $6.5B Annually, Require 102,000 Extra Clinicians, Displace a Quarter of Residents

The nursing home minimum staffing rule is estimated to cost the industry a staggering $6.5 billion per year, and would require an additional 102,000 clinicians, according to a new analysis released Thursday by the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL). To fulfill the rule’s requirements, more than 77,000 certified nurse […]

LTC100 Panelists Weigh in on CMS Staffing Rule’s ‘Bloodbath’, Growth Strategies, and Risk-Based Model Reimbursement

If there’s no additional funding for the minimum staffing rule, well over 5% of existing facilities will close, depending on how successfully operators can pivot to meet the standard. The rates of closure may even reach 10% to 15%, depending on the market, cautioned sector leaders attending the LTC100 conference this week. Steve Nee, CEO […]

‘It’s Not Reality’: Health Dimensions’ CEO on the Ripple Effects of the Nursing Home Staffing Rule

As staffing shortages continue to drive nursing home closures across the U.S, sector leaders such as Erin Hennessey, President and CEO of Health Dimensions Group, are expressing deep concerns about the minimum staffing rule that will only worsen the crisis of access, especially in rural counties where labor is in very short supply. “There’s no […]

CMS Officials Offer Glimpse Into Proposed Changes To Value-Based Purchasing for Nursing Homes

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) officials offered more clarity on the updates to the Value-Based Purchasing program for nursing homes, including insights into the usefulness of the facility-level early look reports and details on three new quality measures that will now be tied to incentive payments in fiscal 2025.   These proposed changes to […]