Study Reveals Importance of Early Influenza Detection for Nursing Home Residents

Nursing homes can cut hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and length of stay at hospitals with rapid on-site testing for influenza, leading to earlier detection of outbreaks and faster treatment, a new study shows. Conducting rapid on-site flu testing and treatment cut emergency room visits by 22%, hospitalizations by 21%, and hospital length-of-stay by 36%, a […]

Scarcity of Workers, Surveyors Mires North Carolina Nursing Homes as Complaints Jump Almost 30%

North Carolina is among several other states facing difficulties hiring and keeping healthcare workers and inspectors for nursing homes.. This shortage has led to a 27% increase in complaints since 2016, according to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services. The shortage of trained healthcare workers is affecting various healthcare facilities, including doctor’s offices, […]

Nursing Homes’ Need for ‘Another Layer of Expertise’ Drives Pipeline of Specialist Roles

Clinical speciality services are growing within nursing homes to address needs of a population with higher acuity – but there are some sizable side benefits to this trend. Operators and other community institutions are working to accommodate the need for certain types of care in the nursing home through partnerships. Not only are nursing home […]

Only 5 States Meet Nurse Staff Hour Requirements of Potential Minimum Staffing Mandate for Nursing Homes

As many skilled nursing facilities are falling short of expected federal requirements for adequate nursing staff, the shortage has led to a failure to promote the well-being of residents and to burnout and low retention for current staff.  According to a recent staffing report by the Long Term Care Community Coalition, data provided by the […]

SNF Staffing Shortages ‘Not Relieved as Expected’ Following Florida’s Expansion of Minimum Staffing Criteria

Legislative efforts to expand the types of positions that count toward Florida’s minimum staffing ratio seem to have backfired somewhat, as overall staffing levels in the state’s 700 nursing homes have declined within the past two years. That’s according to a report published by AARP Florida, which found that staffing levels dropped from 4.74 hours […]

ChatGPT and Beyond: How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Nursing Home Operations

Use of artificial intelligence (AI) has been steadily increasing at nursing homes, as the technology begins to deliver on its promises to improve efficiencies in a wide variety of areas, from clinical outcomes to back-office work. And while ChatGPT is the attention-grabber these days, natural language processing is but one of the ways AI is […]

​​GAO Report Finds Care Compare Needs Fixes to Better Serve Nursing Home Residents

A Government Accountability Office (GAO) report released Wednesday found that Care Compare was lacking in some data metrics related to resident experience, among other metrics. The report found that Care Compare, which provides key information on infection control, cost, workforce and additional critical measures about a facility’s performance, needs continuous improvement in order to enhance […]

Dementia Patient Suffering Tied to SNFs Where They Are Not Dominant Population

Nursing home residents with Alzhiemer’s disease and related dementias, when not the majority of a facility population, may not be receiving the specialized care they need. In fact, only skilled nursing facilities that had a population with over 90% of residents with Alzheimer’s and other related dementias seemed to have better care. This is according […]

CMS Approves Medicare Coverage for New Alzheimer’s Drugs to Facilitate Research

New approved drugs for Alzheimer’s may be covered by Medicare if patients meet the conditions of showing cognitive decline and early onset of dementia, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) said Thursday. Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure shared the process for access and coverage by Medicare for such Alzheimer’s drugs that are currently pending approval […]

Stemming the Rise of Psychotropics in Nursing Homes: Educational Outreach, Collaboration, Medication Management Are Key

The efforts of the federal government and nursing homes to reduce the use of psychotropics have been significant, and seem to have paid off until recently when the numbers painted a more grim picture. Some operators believe that the alarming rise in the prescriptions of psychotropics is partly due to a lack of communication between […]

Innovation and Uncertainty: Nursing Home Providers Forge New Paths for a Post-Covid Era

As the Skilled Nursing News’ CLINICAL event in Washington D.C. came to a close last month, industry experts left with staffing concerns amid labor shortages and pending legislation on minimum staffing standards. However, operators also shared optimism over their innovations in corporate and clinical practices as they continued to confront higher acuity and tighter regulation. […]

Shortage of Skilled Nursing Beds, Best Buy Effect, Managed Care Growth Accelerate SNF-at-Home

Like many markets across the country, the Twin Cities in Minnesota are confronting a reduction in skilled nursing beds, which is forcing patients to remain in hospitals for longer periods of time — with skilled nursing-at-home gaining momentum as a solution to these discharge pressures. “The average length-of-stay on the hospital side is eight days […]

Nursing Homes in ‘Post-Antibiotic Era’: Infection Prevention Confronts Deadly Superbugs, New Regulatory Scrutiny 

On the heels of warnings about the spread of deadly fungal infection of Candida auris, the World Health Organization (WHO) is now raising alarms about widespread resistance against antimicrobial drugs — with long-term care settings particularly at risk of some resulting “superbugs.” Medical experts and government agencies are cautioning that unless the use of antimicrobial […]

Florida Nursing Home Bill Proposes Expanding CNA Powers to Administer Routine Drugs

Two new bills aimed at expanding the permissions of certified nursing assistants (CNAs), including the ability to administer routine medications, have advanced in Florida’s House and Senate. Senate Bill 558 and House Bill 351 would free up time for nurses for more advanced patient care by permitting CNAs to become trained as “qualified medication aides,” […]

Regular Covid Testing of Nursing Home Staff Prevented Infections and Deaths, Study Finds

Nursing homes that conducted staff surveillance testing more regularly experienced lower rates of Covid-19 infections and deaths among residents, according to a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine released Wednesday. “This research demonstrates that frequent Covid surveillance testing protected nursing home residents and undoubtedly saved lives by detecting more infected staff, potentially […]

Telehealth May Provide Lasting Benefits for Small-Town Nursing Homes

Operators in small towns are beginning to lean more heavily on telehealth providers to fill gaps in mental health care, citing ease of use and convenience, according to a Kaiser Health News report. “Telemedicine visits became much more common throughout the American health care system during the pandemic, as guidelines on ‘social distancing’ curtailed in-person […]