Changemakers Series

Changemakers: Jason Feuerman, President, LTC ACO and SVP, Genesis HealthCare

If there’s one consistent source of change in post-acute and long-term care, it’s around government reimbursements and insurance payments. And for Jason Feuerman, finding ways for operators to embrace that change proactively is at the heart of his job. Feuerman helms LTC ACO, Genesis’s accountable care organization — an alternative payment model under which a […]

Changemakers: Dr. Grace Terrell, CEO, Eventus WholeHealth

Some leaders embrace change at the core, and Dr. Grace Terrell is one of them. As CEO of skilled nursing-focused physician group Eventus WholeHealth, Dr. Terrell has been a driver of change and thought leadership throughout her career. A leader of health care innovation and delivery system reform — and believer in the study of […]

Changemakers: Tim Fields, CEO and Co-Founder, Ignite Medical Resorts

When it comes to the long-held traditional post-acute care model, significant change can be difficult to envision, let alone implement. Yet when Tim Fields set out to establish Ignite Medial Resorts, disrupting the tried-and-true is exactly what he did. After a career in health care including skilled nursing, Fields and his partner have successfully developed […]

Introducing the 2020 Skilled Nursing News Changemakers Class

The post-acute and long-term care industry has been in a state of change for years now, with new payment models forcing operators to reassess their strategies while also taking on higher-acuity patients. And that was before a world-historic pandemic hit the nation’s nursing homes with unrelenting force. Across the country, leaders have stepped up to […]