Another Nursing Home in State Receivership Stokes Fears of Growing Problems in Minnesota

Three facilities being placed under state control in two years in Minnesota reflects deep troubles for the sector, with many other facilities facing similar prospects and requiring immediate financial help. The latest to be pushed into state control is the Bay View Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Red Wing, which serves higher acuity residents. The […]

Nursing Homes Must Advocate for Medicaid Increases, as States Work En Masse to Rebase Rates

The past year or two have seen big wins in terms of increased Medicaid funding for nursing homes – a welcome relief as the sector faces staffing shortages amid a looming minimum staffing proposal, higher inflationary costs and rising acuity of resident needs. The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) […]

How Medicaid Waivers Have Affected Nursing Home Utilization – And Why the Staffing Proposal May Further This Trend

One of the unintended consequences of the minimum staffing proposal may mean less utilization of nursing homes as residents are shifted to other means of care – a trend spurred by an expanded use of Medicaid waivers. Policymakers may opt for these as a safety net for access issues among seniors, especially in rural settings, […]

‘A Model’: In New State Law, Nursing Homes Get to Influence Survey Process to Ease Punitive Aspects

Industry stakeholders in Kentucky are celebrating the passage of new legislation that will require the state government to involve skilled nursing trade organizations to weigh in on how state surveyors are trained, and participate in the training process. Providers and advocates hail the law as a model for the nation, and welcome the ability to […]

Inside the ‘Learn and Earn’ Trend for Successful New Nursing Home Workforce Programs Across US

At the heart of successful new hiring programs backed by nursing homes across the United States is the philosophy that nurses deserve better pay, free training, a guaranteed job, and an easier path to career advancement. State-level initiatives from Hawaii to the Midwest are gaining traction by allowing workers to train for specialized positions while […]

Nursing Homes See Movement on Staffing Agency Reform

There has been a flurry of proposed legislation to better regulate staffing agencies, as those in the sector continue to charge soaring prices for much-needed staff in nursing homes. Operators and the state associations that represent them have pressed lawmakers to pass legislation on the largely unregulated staffing agency industry, with the exception of a […]

[UPDATED] CMS to Phase Out Nursing Home TNA Program, Other PHE Waivers

In light of steadily increasing vaccination rates for nursing home staff and residents, and overall improvement to outbreaks in the space, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) on Thursday said it is phasing out some of the temporary waivers linked to COVID-19 and the public health emergency (PHE). Among those is the temporary […]

Minnesota Plans To Train, Deploy 1,000 Long-Term Care CNAs Within 2 Months

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz announced a new initiative Monday with the goal of recruiting, training and deploying at least 1,000 new CNAs by the end of January who will work in long-term care facilities experiencing staffing shortages.  After calling on the National Guard to help nursing homes facing severe staffing shortages last month, the governor […]

Minnesota Deploys National Guard to Help Short-Staffed Nursing Homes

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz this week has called on the state’s National Guard to help nursing homes facing “severe staffing shortages” across the state. Walz said 400 members of the National Guard will begin certified nursing assistants (CNA) and temporary nursing aides (TNA) training over the next week. Skilled nursing facilities that are particularly struggling […]