Inside the Collaboration Designed to Reduce Rehospitalizations and Increase At-Home Care

Seniors who are discharged from a post-acute care facility often need to receive their post-stay rehabilitation therapy at a place that suits them, not a place that suits their care provider. For many, that place is their home. The question is whether the provider can deliver that care and meet their patients where they are.

Now, with the collaboration between two therapy leaders, they can.

Luna, the leading provider of in-home, in-person outpatient physical therapy, has announced a collaboration with Powerback Rehabilitation, one of the nation’s largest rehabilitation therapy providers, to deliver in-home, in-person outpatient physical therapy together across key strategic markets.


“Today’s challenges in health care and demographic shifts in the aging population have fueled our service evolution, including this collaboration with Luna,” says Carl Shrom, CEO of Powerback Rehabilitation. “As the two leading companies in outpatient, in-home, in-person physical therapy, our combined approach will address these challenges at scale by delivering greater access to in-home therapy so more patients can get their power back.”

Through the collaboration, Powerback Rehabilitation To You provides post-discharge rehabilitation therapy at home while offering convenience, promoting patient adherence and optimizing patient care. Here’s a look at how the partnership will benefit providers and patients.

Rehab anywhere, especially at home

Powerback Rehabilitation provides comprehensive rehabilitation services — physical, occupational and speech therapy — along with wellness services in 1,588 locations across the U.S., with over 1,000 home health relationships. Those capabilities are central to the first key benefit of the collaboration: patients can receive their rehabilitation therapy in the comfort of their own home.


In this age of remote work and app-based consumerism, patients and families might well be asking why they should need to travel for outpatient therapy. Powerback Rehabilitation To You is built with that question in mind, bringing rehabilitation therapy services beyond the walls of a clinic.

In fact, the dedicated, expert clinicians nationwide with Powerback provide high-quality outcomes for mobile outpatient care, and will expand their physical therapy service areas with licensed Luna physical therapists.

The collaboration will also expand to in-home occupational therapy and speech therapy in 2024.

One-one-one, patient-centered care

Unlike remote or virtual care, Luna’s licensed physical therapists provide one-on-one hands-on care from the convenience of the patient’s home. The service is covered by most major insurances with the same co-pay cost as facility-based care.

Perhaps most importantly, the collaboration takes a patient-centered approach to care, tailoring length of care delivery to each patient’s needs.

“Luna’s in-home, in-person physical therapy, together with the scale of Powerback, makes for an enviable combination,” says Palak Shah, co-founder and head of clinical operations at Luna. “This will result in greater geographic coverage for Powerback, which along with access to Luna’s thousands of therapists is designed to improve patient experience and recovery.”

Connections with local therapists

When looking for a provider, Powerback Rehabilitation sought to find a company with shared values, high-quality staff to match their own, and the ability to expand services outside of the current Powerback footprint.

They found it in Luna.

Based on specialty, geography, schedule and other factors, Luna will match Powerback patients with local therapists at the time and location of their choosing. For consistency of care, the same therapist will treat Powerback Rehabilitation patients for the entirety of the treatment plan from the comfort of their homes. 

Additionally, Powerback patients and therapists will be able to communicate with each other and discuss care needs between visits via the Luna Physical Therapy app. Patients can also receive the therapist’s prescription for in-app exercises.

“These therapies can help you regain the confidence to return to daily activities,” Shrom says. “Let us help you get back to doing what you love without the hassle of driving to a rehabilitation clinic or the challenge of working around someone else’s schedule. Powerback Rehabilitation To You helps you increase your independence so that you can get back to doing what you miss the most.”

This article is sponsored by Powerback Rehabilitation, which focuses on patient-centered care that provides a sustainable way of feeling, moving, breathing and living better, all designed to get patients back home or to their prior level of functioning as quickly as possible. For more information, visit

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