Rethink Podcast #29: Dr. Paula Lester of NYU Winthrop Hospital

As COVID-19 initially swept through nursing homes across the country in March and April, operators and staffers had a key advantage: Just about every state implemented stay-at-home orders that kept public spaces clear for the essential health care workers, reducing the risk of infection.

But as spring turns to summer, states around the country have implemented varying degrees of “reopening” plans, setting off increases in case counts — and underscoring the reality that the coronavirus will plague long-term care for an indefinite period of time.

Dr. Paula Lester, a an associate professor of medicine at the NYU Long Island School of Medicine and a geriatrician at NYU Winthrop Hospital, joins “Rethink” to discuss the top lessons learned from the peak of COVID-19 cases in New York, one of the nation’s worst geographic hotspots.

Listen to this episode to learn:

— Why operators can’t assume they’re in the clear, even after performing baseline tests
— Top considerations for reopening safely
— What providers should seek from reform efforts
— And more!

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