States Focus on Maintaining Services Amid Skyline Receivership

Last week approximately 1,650 nursing home workers in Nebraska received paychecks after Cottonwood Healthcare, known as Skyline Healthcare, failed to make payroll in late March. The funds went out on Friday, Ken Klaasmeyer of Klaasmeyer & Associates Inc. told the Omaha World-Herald. Klaasmeyer & Associates was appointed to manage the facilities while a long-term plan is developed for […]

Kansas Proposes Taking Over 15 Nursing Homes Due to Operator Issues

The Kansas Department of Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) is requesting the power to take over 15 nursing homes after their operator told the state it cannot make upcoming payroll. The nursing homes were operated by Wood Ridge, N.J.-based Skyline Healthcare, which was unable to make payroll at 21 nursing facilities in Nebraska. Those facilities were […]