Nursing Providers Could See 30% Higher Insurance Costs Amid Volatile Market

The marketplace for long-term care liability insurance is increasingly volatile, with greater underwriting pressures and a much more intense focus on profitability, according to a new report on the liability market from the advisory firm Willis Towers Watson. Liability insurance rates for senior living and long-term care (LTC) providers are expected to go up anywhere […]

Skilled Nursing Providers Could See Higher Insurance Bills

Long-term care (LTC) and senior living providers won’t catch a break — at least on liability insurance rates — in 2018, according to a new report from advisory firm Willis Towers Watson. The insurance rates for LTC and senior living operators are expected to increase anywhere from 5% to 20% this year, and in “deteriorating […]

How Skilled Nursing Can Fight Liability Insurance Pressures

In a difficult liability environment like the state of Kentucky, skilled nursing and long-term care (LTC) providers need to tap into their passion, their energy, and their own story to position themselves for success when renewing or obtaining a professional liability policy. They also need to bring their data. “[Providers] should absolutely use what benchmarks […]

The Critical Steps SNFs Should Take in an Active Shooter Situation

The recent hurricanes that have battered states along the Gulf Coast have undoubtedly put the disaster preparedness of long-term care facilities in the region to the test. But not all potential disasters are as predictable as hurricanes, and long-term care facilities still need to be ready to handle them. For this reason, Chicago-based risk management, insurance […]