NYT: Why Nursing Homes Get ‘D’ Grade for Lackluster Covid-19 Performance

Even as 60,000 nursing home and long-term care residents died from Covid in the first five months of the pandemic, antiviral treatments for the virus only reached one in five nursing home residents. These grim statistics plagued the sector despite medical guidelines calling for the prompt administering of antiviral treatments to patients that were at […]

University of Rochester Behavioral Health Program Meets Growing Demand For Nursing Home Service

As demand for behavioral health services continues to rise in the nursing home setting amid regulatory pressures and staffing shortages, one university-based program in the state of New York is looking to fill the gaps. The digitally enabled behavioral health program, which first got off the ground back in 2017 with funding from the Centers […]

Higher Nursing Home Staff Vaccination Rates Linked to Fewer COVID-19 Cases, Deaths

While recent court injunctions have suspended the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) COVID-19 vaccine mandate for the time being, new evidence shows that nursing home staff vaccination rates may have ramifications on the resident population they serve. In fact, nursing homes with the lowest staff vaccination rates had more than two times the […]

Behavioral Health a Barrier to High-Quality Nursing Care

As behavioral health becomes an increasing topic of national discussion, a new study reveals that patients with mental health issues are statistically less likely to be admitted at higher-quality skilled nursing facilities. Led by Helena Temkin-Greener, professor emeritus at the University of Rochester’s Department of Public Health Sciences, a team of researchers set out to […]