Virtual Care Model Shown to Reduce Nursing Homes’ Avoidable Hospitalizations by 33%

Clinical staff in nursing homes can successfully improve care and reduce hospitalizations by virtually monitoring patients, according to a study on novel nurse-driven virtual care models released Tuesday. The qualitative study of remote monitoring models has implications for addressing staffing challenges at nursing homes without compromising patient care.  The Regenstrief Institute in Indianapolis implemented a […]

After Successful Pilot at Signature, SNF Care-Planning Initiative to Expand with $3M Grant — and Eye on Reducing Hospitalizations

Advance care planning has emerged as a key win-win for nursing home operators and their residents, improving quality of life while also helping providers avoid unnecessary and costly rehospitalizations. Backed by a multi-million-dollar grant and adopted by some major players in the skilled nursing space, a program designed to improve advance care planning opportunities — […]

After Achieving 33% Hospitalization Cut and $3.4M in Savings, Skilled Nursing Startup Expands

A care-coordination startup that has generated 33% reductions in avoidable hospitalizations and $3.4 million in net savings for nursing homes is expanding on its success with a cash injection from a non-profit research institute. Probari — formerly known as Care Revolution — focuses on treating acutely ill residents in place at nursing homes in an […]

‘Avoidable’ Nursing Home Discharges Might Be Hard to Avoid

Keeping nursing home residents out of the hospital can save them from the risks associated with both the transition to the hospital and the hospitalization itself — while also preventing reimbursement penalties. But doing that in the nursing home setting is more complicated than it might seem, according to a study from the Indiana University […]

Hospice Satisfaction in Nursing Homes Lags Behind Other Long-Term Care Settings

The perceived quality of hospice care in nursing homes (NHs) compared poorly to other settings such as home health and assisted living, according to a new study from the Indiana University Center for Aging Research and the Regenstrief Institute. Kathleen Unroe of Indiana University and colleagues examined 7,510 survey responses to the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care, a federally […]

Skilled Nursing Providers Team With Home Health For Better Outcomes

Skilled nursing facilities may want to ensure they have strong relationships with home health care partners, as a recent study finds home health care visits play a significant role in reducing readmissions after a SNF discharge. The study, “Transitions From Skilled Nursing Facility to Home: The Relationship of Early Outpatient Care to Hospital Readmission,” found […]