How Skilled Nursing Providers are Dealing with ‘Very Heavy Burden’ of Rising Patient Acuity

Operators in the nursing home space are dealing with a crippling workforce shortage and rising costs of care – all while seeing continued higher acuity among residents. Providers and vendors in the space agree they’re seeing a larger proportion of patients with higher acuity, but the definition of acuity varies along with methods to measure […]

Smart SNFs: The ROI of Data Analytics

How SNFs approach and calculate their return on investment for advanced analytics technology Health care providers know they need to invest in technology for the many benefits it provides — from predictive patient analytics to operations analysis and optimization. But particularly in skilled nursing settings where margins are already compressed and staffing challenges are persistent, […]

Smart SNFs: Predictive Analytics and AI

How successful SNFs are using data to predict and prevent adverse events and improve care planning While artificial intelligence (AI) has made inroads across industries from e-commerce to marketing, in health care it is revolutionizing both the patient experience and clinical operations for care providers. And though skilled nursing is not often touted for its […]

Smart SNFs: Improving Operations With a Data-Driven Approach

How skilled nursing providers can streamline operations and improve quality measures by using data to their advantage While most skilled nursing facility (SNF) operators have a keen understanding of how a data-driven approach to patient care can improve patient outcomes, they may have yet to discover how data can lead to specific operational improvements. Through […]

Smart SNFs: Optimizing Clinical Outcomes with Data

How one skilled nursing operator reduced readmissions and delivered higher quality care In health care today, insights from data should serve as every skilled nursing facility’s differentiator and competitive edge. Yet many providers fail to apply it in a way that is sustainable and transformative for their organizations — and their residents. The complexity of […]

Smart SNFs: Developing Data Partnerships

How skilled nursing operators are using data to drive partnerships with hospitals, ACOs and other collaborative organizations The skilled nursing industry has many uses for the data it gathers, whether that’s for reporting purposes, operational efficiencies, or demonstrating outcomes to patients and their families. But those that operationalize their data on an even higher level […]

Investing in Skilled Nursing Tech Isn’t Worth Much Without Employee, Leadership Acceptance

Data continues to be the watchword in a skilled nursing marketplace where hospitals and other referral partners demand increasingly concrete information about post-acute outcomes. In response, numerous tech companies have stepped into the fray to provide potential solutions — from data analytics tools that can identify serious health issues before they escalate to a hospitalization, […]

Facilities Thriving Under Current Model Poised to Take Biggest Hits Under PDPM

As skilled nursing providers prepare for a new Medicare reimbursement system, those with solid revenues under the current model may be in for the most severe declines going forward. Operators that have mastered the current Resource Utilization Group (RUG) system tend to be those projected to see reimbursement declines under the new Patient-Driven Payment Model, […]

OIG: 46% of Medicare Patients in LTACs Experience Harm

Almost half of Medicare patients experience either adverse events or temporary harm events inside the walls of a long-term care hospital (LTCH) according to a November report from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The Office of Inspector General (OIG) found that 21% of Medicare patients in LTCHs — also known as long-term […]

Skilled Nursing Poised to Become ‘Biggest, Cheapest Game in Town’

In an industry where a coming wave of customers seems to be permanently just out of reach, skilled nursing facilities have to be braced for some short-term pain. But if they take charge of their strategies and relationships, it’s possible for them not just to survive, but to thrive. That was the message from a […]

Sabra Takes Proactive Approach to Skilled Nursing Data with PointRight Partnership

Sabra Health Care REIT (Nasdaq: SBRA) last week announced a strategic partnership with health care data analytics firm PointRight, in a move the companies are describing as a more proactive approach to monitoring individual skilled nursing facility performance. Under the agreement, tenants of Sabra-owned nursing homes will be able to use PointRight’s data software for […]

Sabra Enters into Skilled Nursing Data Partnership with PointRight

In a skilled nursing era where success is increasingly defined by the volume and accuracy of data, a major real estate investment trust (REIT) in the space on Tuesday announced a partnership with a leading health care analytics firm. The Irvine, Calif.-based Sabra Health Care REIT (Nasdaq: SBRA) will begin using three data products from […]

High Five-Star Ratings Don’t Correlate with Lower Rehospitalization Rates

While individual star ratings are important for skilled nursing providers, a high number doesn’t always mean they are providing the best care and seeing lower rehospitalization rates. As the skilled nursing industry continues to adapt to new value-based care models, the importance of the Five-Star Quality Rating System from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid […]

SNFs Break Down Barriers Between Care Partners to Cut Rehospitalizations

Under the new regulatory landscape, avoiding rehospitalizations is king — not just for the skilled nursing facility, but for the hospital and any home health providers that may provide care after discharge. But too often, SNFs focus on care within the facility only, and don’t take steps to manage the entire process from hospital to […]