Dealmaking In Nursing Homes: Bubble Will Burst As States Aim for Budget Neutrality During Medicaid Recalibration

In adjusting to new case-mix systems under the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM), the changes to reimbursement rates might be more widespread and large-scale than anticipated, posing financing threats to the nursing home sector because lenders are basing loans on rate projections that are expected to be scaled back. The goal of budget neutrality – […]

Troubled Skyline Highlights Problems with Under-the-Radar Skilled Nursing Operators

Skyline Healthcare’s troubles in Nebraska and Kansas have highlighted how large companies in the nursing home industry have abandoned the business to lease bunches of facilities to unknown firms. The Philadelphia Inquirer took a deep dive into Skyline’s takeover of more than 100 nursing home sites across multiple states — and the general lack of information about […]