I-SNP Exec: Skilled Nursing Operators Must Approach Insurers to Succeed — But Few Do

Skilled nursing operators frequently bemoan the shorter lengths of stay and lower daily payment rates for Medicare Advantage residents, but the leader of one plan says it’s also up to providers to present novel ideas to insurance executives. Before taking the CEO role at the nursing-home focused Longevity Health Plan earlier this year, René Lerer […]

Inside Cleveland Clinic’s Skilled Nursing Strategy

The Cleveland Clinic followed a familiar path to boost its care coordination efforts, building partnerships with trusted skilled nursing facilities and relying on its own staff to ensure quality. And the Ohio-based health care provider has the results to prove that the model can work. “What our data has told us, and has been consistent […]

Data, Not Donuts: Building Today’s Skilled Nursing Partnerships

In the past, nailing down a partnership with a local hospital or home health agency might have simply been a matter of providing the right free breakfast to the right group of hungry administrators. But in a world with shifting payment models and increasing emphasis on outcomes, skilled nursing providers must step up their game with […]