Competing Incentives: How Improving the Transition to Home Can Pay Off for Nursing Homes

Some skilled nursing providers have looked to improve transitions to the home as one way to build back hospital referrals, but without much direct financial incentive to do so, things like patient education and discharge planning may remain in the periphery for most operators. Value-based payment methodologies, especially for Medicare patients, provide some financial incentives […]

Better training, Career Paths Key to Rebuilding Nursing Home Workforce

Skilled nursing facilities will need solutions to better retain and attract operational staff like New York-based New Jewish Home’s Geriatric Career Development program. Nevertheless experts say that investment in a universal direct care workforce may be needed. The direct care workforce, which includes certified nursing assistants (CNAs) in nursing homes, typically provide between 60-to-80% of […]

Voice Tech Has ‘A Long Way to Go’ to Meet the Hype in Skilled Nursing

Voice technology has promise in senior care, but skilled nursing providers and residents need to keep their expectations tempered, one expert says. When it comes to Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant, Elizabeth Mynatt, the executive director of Georgia Tech’s Institute for People and Technology, has a note of caution. “I think the Alexa is unproven,” Mynatt […]

New York SNF Takes Academic Approach to Combating Workforce Shortage

As the skilled nursing industry continues to grapple with recruiting and retaining solid talent, leaders at a New York City-based SNF have taken the matter into their own hands by developing an academic approach to combating the shortage. The organization established its Geriatric Career Development (GCD) program in 2006 to not only keep its pool of […]