Marcum: Fines Cost Nursing Home Sector $560M as Volume Quadruples in Post-Pandemic Era

The volume of non-compliant fines quadrupled in the post-pandemic period between 2020 and 2022, with a staggering 36,370 such fines being issued to nursing homes, costing the industry a total of $560 million nationwide, according to the 2024 Marcum Three-Year Nursing Home Statistical Review. The high cost to the sector from fines was despite the […]

Revenue Declines Continue As Federal Funding Not Enough to Offset Rising Costs For Nursing Homes

Minimum staffing standards may be on the top of the wish list for many lawmakers, including President Biden, but they won’t likely happen overnight for nursing homes – and declining revenues may be part of the reason why. Excluding the Covid-related financial assistance provided by the federal and state governments, the industry incurred an average […]

Nursing Home Margins, Number of Five-Star Facilities Were on Rise Before COVID-19

The national nursing home landscape saw multiple positive operational trends prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, including a slight gain in margins and an increase in the proportion of top-ranked facilities, according to a new national benchmarking report. The national average nursing home net income per patient day rose from just two cents […]

Cain Bros.: Gap Between Haves and Have-Nots in Skilled Nursing Could Widen

Pressured by already light coffers and razor-thin margins, skilled nursing facilities could see an even wider gulf grow between top and bottom performers under the new Medicare payment model. That’s at least according to Cain Brothers director Taaha Shaikh, who this week wrote a commentary calling the coming Patient-Driven Payment Model (PDPM) “the next great […]

Average Skilled Nursing Facility Loses Money on Each Resident, Every Day

The average nursing home in the United States lost four cents per patient day in the year 2017, according to a new analysis from a national accounting firm — down sharply from making $3.80 per resident every day just four years before. While the exact figure varied by region, with some areas seeing per-day net […]