The Quotes That Defined 2023 in Skilled Nursing — and Hint at What’s Ahead

As the Covid-19 public health emergency officially ended in 2023, the nursing home sector continued to face lingering troubles across many facets of the business even if spread of disease – and death resulting from it – diminished as a concern. Chief among troubles that continued to plague nursing homes included workforce shortages and expansion […]

‘Worst Possible Time’: SNF Operators Hope for Acuity Adjustments, Waivers Ahead of Staffing Mandate

As the skilled nursing sector awaits the proposed federal staffing mandate, leading industry operators renewed calls for funding the initiative, and said the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) should carry it out in phases while also adjusting staffing ratios based on the acuity of the resident populations being served. Speaking at Skilled Nursing […]

Majestic Care Names New CEO, McGuinness Moves Toward Other Opportunities

Indiana-based nursing home operator Majestic Care on Thursday announced the resignation of its CEO Bernie McGuinness. Paul D.Pruitt will join the Majestic team as CEO in June. McGuinness, co-founder of Majestic and CEO for five years, will finish out through the end of the month before pursuing new opportunities this summer. Pruitt joins Majestic Care […]

‘So Undervalued’: Why Nursing Homes Need to Rethink the Scheduler Role

Is there a job in skilled nursing that can be likened to a Grandmaster chess player? According to Scott Erwin, workforce planning specialist at Reverence, it’s the role of the scheduler. At Reverence, Erwin oversees the development of artificial intelligence and advanced technology that takes some of the burden off of schedulers, and so he […]

4 Skilled Nursing CEOs Share Early Look at Plans, Priorities For 2023

As nursing home operators continue to tackle the host of issues that have challenged them throughout 2022, many have set their sights on what’s in store for the year ahead. Industry-wide staffing shortages, an ever changing regulatory environment and record inflation will likely remain pain points for the sector heading into the new year, but […]

Odds Are Against Texas Operator Growth As Federal Reforms, Chronic Underfunding Compound

Federal reforms — on top of chronic underfunding in the state — has Texas-based Cascade Health Services fearing that certain facilities will be left at a disadvantage as the operator looks to grow regionally. Permanent Medicaid rate increases could be a start, Cascade CEO Ron Haney told Skilled Nursing News, but facilities in Texas will […]

Why Skilled Nursing Operators Must Look Beyond Washington to Solve the Workforce Crisis

As the skilled nursing industry works to stem the workforce shortage tide, leaders in the sector should not expect to find the ultimate answers in Washington. That’s according to Clif Porter, senior vice president of government relations at the American Health American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL). “We can’t fix this in […]

Rebuilding the Bench: Majestic Care, Aegis Therapies on Deepening the Talent Pool

Recruiting and retaining a skilled, motivated workforce continues to be one of the most vexing issues facing the industry, especially as competition has extended far beyond the nursing home down the street. There is no one “silver bullet” to solve the workforce crisis and staffing solutions are often market specific, industry leaders say. Indiana-based Majestic […]

Why The Caregiver Definition Must Be Expanded For Nursing Homes to Overcome Labor Crunch

As the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) works to establish federal minimum staffing levels, industry leaders are calling on the government agency to broaden the caregiver definition. The current federal requirement does not provide a specific daily minimum standard, rather, it states that nursing homes must provide “…sufficient nursing staff to attain or […]

Operators Decry Civil Monetary Penalty Lockouts As Punitive, Arbitrary Barrier to Workforce Expansion

Operators seeking to grow their own staff with in-house licensing programs have been met with financial and compliance barriers in the form of civil monetary penalties, or CMPs. During a time when operators are limiting admissions as a result of the staffing crisis, industry leaders feel such restrictions are arbitrary and punitive. Federal legislation has […]

‘A Sight for Sore Eyes’: Nursing Home Industry Adds 900 Jobs in April

While the health care industry added an estimated 34,300 jobs in April, only 900 of those jobs were in the skilled nursing sector. The American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) called the data from the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report “a sight for sore eyes,” however, it’s still a far […]

Majestic Care CEO: We Challenged Ourselves to Operate Differently, Are Growing Through ‘Scary’ Times in Skilled Nursing

With the federal government’s nursing home reforms, possible cuts to Medicare and staffing shortages occurring while COVID-19 challenges are ongoing, running a skilled nursing operating company can be “a little scary at times.” That’s according to Majestic Care CEO Bernie McGuinness. The Indiana-based operator manages 27 skilled nursing facilities and seven assisted living centers across […]