‘CMS is Watching’: Changing Therapy Patterns Raise Concerns About Skilled Nursing Audits, Care Quality

The first week of the new Medicare payment model for nursing homes has brought stories of rapidly shifting therapy patterns among some providers, and voices from the consulting and advocacy worlds are warning that any sudden movements could cause adverse effects — both immediately and down the road. The advent of the Patient-Driven Payment Model […]

Group Warns U.N. of ‘Widespread’ Anti-Psychotic Abuse in Nursing Homes

Inappropriate anti-psychotic drug use in U.S. nursing homes is “widespread” and requires immediate action, a report submitted to the United Nations alleges. The Long-Term Care Community Coalition (LTCC) submitted the report last week as an update to a 2015 look at anti-psychotic use in nursing homes, finding little change since the non-profit last tackled the […]

Registered Nurse Staffing Falls Short in Most Nursing Homes

Most nursing homes report registered nurse (RN) staffing levels at half an hour per resident day or less, highlighting the labor shortage that’s affecting most of the senior care industry. Seventy percent of nursing homes reported RN care at or below 30 minutes per day, while 82% of nursing homes reported total direct care staffing […]