Voices: Laura Cambria PT, DPT, Senior Vice President of Operations, KARE

This article is sponsored by KARE. In this Voices Interview, Skilled Nursing News sits down with Laura Cambria, Senior Vice President of Operations, KARE, to learn about innovative approaches to nursing recruitment. She explains how operators can ensure they are hiring accountable candidates that are a good fit for their facilities, and she discusses the […]

SNN Staffing Summit: A Discussion with KARE

This article is sponsored by KARE. This Q&A is based on a Skilled Nursing News virtual Staffing Summit discussion with Charles Turner, CEO of KARE, Jalene Carpenter, President and CEO of the Nebraska Healthcare Association, Lori Porter, Co-founder and CEO of the National Association of Healthcare Assistance (NAHCA), and Dr. Jacquelyn Kung, CEO of Activated […]

Starting From Within: How Nursing Home Operators Can Tackle Fewer Applicants, Draining Turnover

Staff turnover has reached unsustainable levels in the skilled nursing sector, with some staff – particularly certified nursing assistants (CNAs) – leaving faster than they can be replaced. And it goes beyond just raising wages. Despite a 7.13% national hourly wage increase for CNAs in 2021, turnover still increased significantly at the position — jumping […]

Nursing Homes Struggle with Cost Inflation, Other Effects from Staffing Agency ‘Gold Rush’

Some operators are seeing day-to-day staffing agency usage cost them both financially and clinically, with pricing for certain positions soaring while inconsistent staff are impacting care quality. Jay Moskowitz, CEO of Colorado-based Vivage Senior Living, said costs associated with certified nursing assistants (CNAs) via agency increased 41% between October 2020 and October 2021 for his […]

Nursing Home Staffing Strain Could Hit ‘High Point’ This Week as COVID-19 Crisis Rages

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to sweep through the nation’s nursing homes, the industry’s already strained workforce could soon reach a new breaking point as caregivers become sick themselves — or fear spreading the virus to their loved ones. The staffing crisis hit the national media last week, when a nursing home in Riverside, Calif. […]