Nursing Homes Must Advocate for Medicaid Increases, as States Work En Masse to Rebase Rates

The past year or two have seen big wins in terms of increased Medicaid funding for nursing homes – a welcome relief as the sector faces staffing shortages amid a looming minimum staffing proposal, higher inflationary costs and rising acuity of resident needs. The American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) […]

Nursing Home Citations Double in Florida Since 2019

Violations linked to Florida nursing homes have doubled in the last four years, according to an investigation by the Tampa Bay Times. Last year, Florida nursing homes were cited 83 times for putting their older adult residents at risk of immediate danger, and more than half of the serious violations involved staff shortages or insufficient […]

SCOTUS Balks At Hearing Nursing Home Arbitration Rule Case

The nation’s highest court has declined to weigh in on a case involving a federal arbitration rule that nursing home industry groups argue places “burdensome” requirements on facilities. The U.S. Supreme Court denied the petition on Monday for a writ of certiorari in the case of Northport Health Services of Arkansas, LLC v. Department of […]

Hurricane Ian Hits Nursing Homes Already Beset By Staffing Crisis

Florida nursing homes, already strapped for staff while the sector continues to face a historic workforce crisis on a national level, now are enduring Hurricane Ian and bracing for its aftermath. The storm was making its way north and across the state on Wednesday. The Florida Health Care Association (FHCA) said facilities have been preparing […]

Tying Staff Wages to Medicaid Rates May Help SNFs on the Brink, But CMS Blueprint Should be Flexible

While nursing home operators and industry trade groups appreciate the Biden administration’s proposal to use Medicaid as a tool to boost staff wages in the industry, some wonder if the federal government’s approach is too broad for an increasingly diverse industry. Facilities vary widely based on region and community demographics, company culture and size. Still, […]

Completely Out of Touch: Biden’s Minimum Staffing Proposal Comes as Skilled Nursing Reels From Labor Crisis

As state and federal policymakers clamor to set nursing home minimum staffing standards – most recently in the Biden administration’s expansive reform proposals – leaders in the space are asking a pointed question: Why now? The industry has already lost nearly 238,000 caregivers in the last two years – an issue that has only been […]

Florida Operators Struggle with Staffing Crunch, Low Vaccination Rates

With one of the lowest staff vaccination rates in the country — 45.8% compared to the national average of 59.3% —Florida operators may have a tough road ahead of them as the emergence of the delta variant and an easing of state and federal mandates has created a flood of new cases at local hospitals. […]

Multiple States Take Steps to Shield Nursing Homes From Liability Amid COVID-19 — But Rules Vary

Health care providers across the continuum have grappled with major challenges in providing care for patients with COVID-19, and several states have taken steps to shield them from lawsuits related to care provided during the national emergency. Skilled nursing facilities are often included in those liability protections, but the extent to which the protections apply […]

Florida Operators Face Stiff Competition, Steep Costs to Meet Emergency Rules

As the Atlantic hurricane season kicks off, skilled nursing providers in Florida have been working to meet the requirements of the state’s new nursing home generator law. There have been hurdles along the way. The law, first proposed in the wake of the deaths that followed Hurricane Irma at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills, became […]

Florida Nursing Homes Agree to Softened Rules on Backup Power

The Florida skilled nursing industry has collectively agreed to a modified rule that requires operators in the state to have access to backup electricity sources in the event of a power outage. The decision concludes months of discussion among skilled nursing providers and the state legislature regarding a rule proposed by Gov. Rick Scott following […]

Florida Lawmakers Push Granny Cams in New Bill

A “granny cam” provision has been tucked into a bill under consideration in Florida, following the deaths of 13 skilled nursing residents in due to a power outage after Hurricane Irma. Rep. Katie Edwards (D-Plantation) and Sen. Gary Farmer (D-Fort Lauderdale) filed the legislation Tuesday in the Florida House and Senate, respectively. The Florida deaths […]

Skilled Nursing Bulletins: Aftermath of Hollywood Deaths

News about the nursing home deaths in Hollywood, Fla. continues to unfold, with each day bringing more information about the scene inside the facility — and the longer-lasting impact that the tragedy at the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills will have on the skilled nursing industry as whole. The latest: Industry leaders met at a […]

Florida Issues Emergency Update to Disaster Prep Rules for SNFs

The state of Florida this week announced new emergency preparedness rules for skilled nursing facilities, as officials continue to deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. SNFs in the Sunshine State will now need to prove that they have enough fuel to power a backup generator for 96 hours, keeping ambient temperatures below 80 degrees for […]

Skilled Nursing Facilities in Crisis Mode as Hurricane Irma Batters Florida

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) in Florida and elsewhere in the Southeast are facing an enormous test. Hurricane Irma forced an unprecedented number of evacuations prior to making landfall in Florida early Sunday morning, with the storm’s size and severity creating complications as SNFs executed their emergency plans. Irma is expected to weaken by Monday morning, […]

Florida to Overhaul Skilled Nursing Medicaid Payment System by 2018

Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed into law this week a health care bill that will bring a prospective payment system (PPS) to skilled nursing providers for Medicaid, but a statewide trade group says it has several issues with the legislation that it hopes to address before it takes full effect in 2018. Under the new law, […]