Changemakers: Dr. Grace Terrell, CEO, Eventus WholeHealth

Some leaders embrace change at the core, and Dr. Grace Terrell is one of them. As CEO of skilled nursing-focused physician group Eventus WholeHealth, Dr. Terrell has been a driver of change and thought leadership throughout her career. A leader of health care innovation and delivery system reform — and believer in the study of […]

Skilled Nursing Telehealth Adoption Not Without Challenges — But COVID-19 Changes Likely Here to Stay

About a month after COVID-19 first arrived on America’s radar, the federal government continues to tear down the dense web of regulations surrounding all aspects of the health care continuum in an attempt to fight back against the coronavirus pandemic. As health care providers and officials look to prevent all non-emergency visits to nursing homes, […]

New Eventus CEO: Though ‘Neglected’ in Alternate Payment Models, Nursing Homes Can Outperform Hospitals

Once wary of accountable care organizations (ACOs) and other new payment models, nursing home owners and operators are beginning to turn in favor of these value-based care structures — in the hopes of gaining leverage in a complex skilled nursing market burdened by high costs of care and staffing pressures. And although the push to […]

Physician Groups Have Skilled Nursing Opportunity in PDPM — If They Take Action

The clinical condition and medical complexities of skilled nursing patients will drive reimbursement under the new Medicare system — giving physician groups that serve skilled nursing facilities the opportunity to have a major impact on the outcomes and success of both the patients and the facilities they serve. But it’s an opportunity they’ll have to […]