‘Related Company’ Investments Lead to Nursing Home Profit but Raise Questions About Care Quality

An estimated 72% of New York’s 394 for-profit nursing homes do business with companies that have common or overlapping ownership, a recent report from the Empire Center for Public Policy reveals. The report showed that payments from for-profit nursing homes to these related companies totaled almost $1.1 billion, or 16% of their total expense for […]

Covid-Related Nursing Home Lawsuits to ‘Skyrocket’ With Protections on Shaky Ground

While federal protections like the Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness (PREP) Act provide at least a partial legal shield to nursing homes, an influx of Covid-related lawsuits could be coming down the pipeline. Litigators are looking to test nursing homes’ legal protections as lawsuit filing deadlines for the first few months of the pandemic arrive, […]

CMS Rule Allows – But Could Discourage – Arbitration Agreements in Skilled Nursing Facilities

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has overturned an Obama-era ban on the use of pre-dispute, binding arbitration agreements by skilled nursing facilities. But providers might still think twice about using these agreements, due to certain consumer protection provisions in CMS’ final rule. In fact, the protections for SNF residents and their families […]

Landlords Voluntarily Took Back Seat in Welcov Bankruptcy

To facilitate the transfer of Welcov Healthcare’s 22 skilled nursing facilities to new operators, the provider’s landlords agreed to take a back seat to vendors in the repayment line, with the goal of resolving an unusual bankruptcy proceeding. That’s according to court documents and a recorded hearing, which detail the transfer of operations and the […]