Changemakers Series

Smart SNFs: The ROI of Data Analytics

How SNFs approach and calculate their return on investment for advanced analytics technology Health care providers know they need to invest in technology for the many benefits it provides — from predictive patient analytics to operations analysis and optimization. But particularly in skilled nursing settings where margins are already compressed and staffing challenges are persistent, […]

Smart SNFs: Predictive Analytics and AI

How successful SNFs are using data to predict and prevent adverse events and improve care planning While artificial intelligence (AI) has made inroads across industries from e-commerce to marketing, in health care it is revolutionizing both the patient experience and clinical operations for care providers. And though skilled nursing is not often touted for its […]

Smart SNFs: Improving Operations With a Data-Driven Approach

How skilled nursing providers can streamline operations and improve quality measures by using data to their advantage While most skilled nursing facility (SNF) operators have a keen understanding of how a data-driven approach to patient care can improve patient outcomes, they may have yet to discover how data can lead to specific operational improvements. Through […]

Smart SNFs: Optimizing Clinical Outcomes with Data

How one skilled nursing operator reduced readmissions and delivered higher quality care In health care today, insights from data should serve as every skilled nursing facility’s differentiator and competitive edge. Yet many providers fail to apply it in a way that is sustainable and transformative for their organizations — and their residents. The complexity of […]

Smart SNFs: Developing Data Partnerships

How skilled nursing operators are using data to drive partnerships with hospitals, ACOs and other collaborative organizations The skilled nursing industry has many uses for the data it gathers, whether that’s for reporting purposes, operational efficiencies, or demonstrating outcomes to patients and their families. But those that operationalize their data on an even higher level […]