‘A Brick Wall’: Overcoming Barriers to Census Growth at Nursing Homes From Managed Care Plans

As managed care plans continue to reshape the skilled nursing landscape, operators must navigate the complexities of managing patients under managed healthcare programs, including maintaining patient census levels, adapting to industry-specific policies, and addressing issues related to case managers’ involvement. As Medicare Advantage continues to penetrate the nursing home market, leaders have said that MA […]

Nursing Home Providers Face Long Road to Rebuild ‘Trust Equity’ Among Staff, Leaders, Agencies

Nursing home staff’s trust in their leaders and federal health care agencies eroded during the worst of the pandemic – and the rebuild will be slow going. Industry executives and advocacy leaders, who said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have been unable […]

Comprehensive Healthcare Warns Company May Close Unless 7 Nursing Homes Are Sold, DOL Seeks Injunction

Comprehensive Healthcare may be forced to close unless the owners are allowed to sell seven nursing homes, according to a report on Wednesday from TribLive, the website of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Comprehensive currently operates 15 facilities. The seven facilities involved in the sale have a combined 747 beds, according to the report. The U.S. Department […]

The Future Nursing Home Is Community-Centric and Embraces AI, While Rejecting Institutional Living Spaces

As the nursing home space faces a crossroads, with the pandemic exposing many flaws in the long-term care system and exacerbating existing workforce and funding constraints, leaders are calling for a reimagined skilled nursing facility.  Notably, SNF executives are placing greater importance on community, along with customized, coordinated and person-centered care for more ideal – […]

AHCA: Staffing Proposal to Cost $6.8B Per Year, Create Access Issues for Nearly One Quarter of Nursing Home Residents

More than 280,000 residents, or nearly a quarter of all residents, could be impacted by the staffing mandate – if nursing home operators have no choice but to reduce their census in order to meet hourly requirements. The proposed federal mandate would require an estimated 102,154 additional full-time employees. That’s 80,077 certified nursing assistants (CNAs) […]

Building an Edge: SNF Operators Innovate Through Establishing Specialty Services, Public-Private Partnerships

Against the backdrop of economic and staffing challenges still facing the nursing home sector, operators are seeking business innovations that are community-centered and that expand their health care offerings through unique public-private partnerships and financial arrangements. The innovations include transition into a nonprofit model, creative ways to use state and federal dollars, and addition of […]

OSHA Nursing Home Inspections Drop 84% Even As Covid Infections Among Staff ‘Quadruple’

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) inspections of nursing homes have dropped precipitously so far this year even as Covid hospitalizations tripled over the summer for health care facilities overall and infections among nursing home workers “quadrupled” – this is on top of surges in RSV and the flu. OSHA inspections registered an 84% drop, […]

SNF Outlook: REITs to Play Offense as Private Buyers ‘Partially Sidelined,’ Operating Trends Improve

Skilled nursing operators are sitting on capital reserves and are poised to pursue deals in the sector going forward – after being on the sidelines for much of last year with private equity buyers outbidding them. Now, these same private equity buyers are beginning to fade from the scene, and real estate investment trusts (REITs) […]

Medical Complexity, Documentation Stretches Nursing Home Clinicians Thin

As specialty services and higher acuity cases continue to challenge nursing home clinicians, industry leaders say it takes a special kind of employee to really understand, deal with and plan for the variety of patients seen nowadays. Nicole Croteau, director of clinical services with SALMON Health and Retirement, said there aren’t many nurses who can […]

Medicare Advantage Linked to Less Favorable Outcomes, Reduced Post-Acute Care Use 

As managed care plans become more and more relevant to the nursing home industry, it appears Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are experiencing less favorable outcomes, while using less post-acute care services than those on traditional fee-for-service Medicare. A study published in JAMA Health Forum on Friday suggests that MA enrollees reported less functional improvement while using […]

Nursing Home Investors on the Sidelines Amid Higher Interest Rates, Less Stable SNF Assets 

Amid a banking and credit crisis, financial backers of the nursing home industry are seeing less stable assets, a product of volatility in the market. And even as some states are now responding with Medicaid reform and rebasing to mitigate the sector’s losses, many operators were struggling financially prior to the pandemic, and the sector’s […]

Sabra CEO: Reimbursement Hikes May Be Even Bigger Next Year to Account for Inflation 

Nursing home occupancy continues to slowly improve, a trend that along with higher reimbursement rates going forward, will improve the bottom line for Sabra Healthcare REIT (Nasdaq: SBRA), according to executives. Rick Matros, CEO of Sabra, said during the company’s second quarter earnings call on Tuesday that he expects a large increase to next year’s […]

Nursing Home Occupancy Creeps Up to Hover at 81%, While Admission Roadblocks Persist

While staffing shortages continue to create admission roadblocks, the demand for skilled nursing care is recovering. From April to May, SNF occupancy decreased 3 basis points to end at 81%, according to the latest skilled nursing monthly report released by NIC MAP Vision. Pre-pandemic occupancy was 88.9%. Still, occupancy is up 97 basis points compared […]

SNF Nurses Say Profession Interferes With Life, Seek Out Side Hustles or Switch Careers to Cope with Low Wages, Burnout

Half of today’s nurses have picked up “side hustles” to make extra income outside of the profession, with nearly half of new nurses planning to switch careers. That’s according to a survey published by ConnectRN this month, which highlighted concerns surrounding the profession as it stands today. ConnectRN surveyed more than 1,300 nurses for its […]

SNFs Seen Facing Higher Labor Costs, Uncertain Interest Rates Among Other Macroeconomic Pressures

Labor costs and interest rates, among other macroeconomic factors, continue to affect the nursing home industry as use of temporary staff and AI also appear to be exerting an influence. That’s according to CliftonLarsonAllen’s (CLA) economic outlook for 2023, which outlined industry priorities for the next couple of years. Containing labor costs in part by […]

Ensign CEO Expects a Long Comment Period for Potential Minimum Staffing Mandate as Company Focuses on Deals, Retention

Nursing home operators can expect a long comment period once the federal minimum staffing mandate comes out, potentially drawing out into the following year before anything is finalized. Barry Port, CEO of the Ensign Group (Nasdaq: ENSG), said during the company’s second quarter conference call on Friday, that this is the tiniest bit of clarity […]

‘Working for Pennies:’ CNAs Demand Better Pay, Respect Amid Ongoing Staffing Crisis at Nursing Homes

Certified nursing assistants (CNAs) say the biggest challenge they face every day working in nursing homes stems from a staffing shortage for back-breaking work. It’s the second year in a row that the workforce crisis was listed as top priority in a survey conducted by the National Association of Health Care Assistants (NAHCA), which collected […]

Mortality Trends Suggest Smaller Hospitals Under-Resourced for Nursing Home Covid Patients

Smaller, less-resourced hospitals may have been overburdened with the sheer number of nursing home referrals during the height of the pandemic, hinting at deep health care inequality among acute care facilities. That’s according to a study published by medical science journal Cureus, which found that at one community hospital in Connecticut, the mortality rate was […]

Skilled Nursing Occupancy Up 40 Basis Points in June, with Federal Staffing Mandate Still a ‘Key Unknown’

Downside risks may finally be fading with occupancy for skilled nursing facilities showing improvements in June. That’s the view according to BMO Capital Market analysts, who noted recent occupancy data put out by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS’ data showed a monthly jump of 40 basis points in occupancy rates between […]