Top Trends That Will Shape the Skilled Nursing Sector in 2024

Margins squeezed by interest rates and inflation, staffing shortages amid a draconian staffing mandate proposal, an invasion of Medicare Advantage and mixed efforts at adapting to Minimum Data Set (MDS) changes are among a litany of the challenges facing the skilled nursing sector at the start of 2024. However, all is not doom and gloom […]

Majestic Care Names New CEO, McGuinness Moves Toward Other Opportunities

Indiana-based nursing home operator Majestic Care on Thursday announced the resignation of its CEO Bernie McGuinness. Paul D.Pruitt will join the Majestic team as CEO in June. McGuinness, co-founder of Majestic and CEO for five years, will finish out through the end of the month before pursuing new opportunities this summer. Pruitt joins Majestic Care […]

5 Skilled Nursing Providers to Watch in 2023

With reporting from Tim Mullaney and Zahida Siddiqi With the number of nursing home beds in decline across the United States — and providers large and small divesting of facilities, exiting the industry or shutting down completely — some organizations are finding ways to grow. Expansion is one theme uniting this year’s skilled nursing providers […]

Top Skilled Nursing Trends for 2023

Economic uncertainty, staffing shortages, looming federal regulations, a new COVID variant and major changes to the Minimum Data Set (MDS) are just a few of the challenges facing the skilled nursing sector at the dawn of 2023. But a new year is also a time for optimism. Favorable Medicaid policies, the growth of strong regional […]

REIT Moves Drive a Reordering of the Skilled Nursing Operator Landscape

Skilled nursing operators should anticipate further distress in the coming months and into 2023, which will likely result in even greater divides among providers. The winners and losers already are being sorted, as the latest round of real estate investment trust (REIT) earnings made clear. And unsurprisingly, strong regional operators are leading the pack. Welltower […]

Nursing Home Industry Recovery Requires More Pain and Innovation

It’s hard to pin down how nursing home operators should be feeling as the end of the year approaches. The best way I could describe it, one week after attending the American Health Care Association/National Center for Assisted Living (AHCA/NCAL) conference in Nashville, is a combination of optimism and pessimism that fluctuates depending on the […]

The Case For And Against a Nursing Home Industry Crisis

Whether it’s uttered during an interview, highlighted during an industry conference or referenced in a news release, I’ve heard and seen the word “crisis” quite often during my time reporting on the skilled nursing industry. And it’s not surprising the word has been used so frequently. Covid-19 was a global crisis that hit the nursing […]

The Trends That Will Shape Skilled Nursing in 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic continued to put pressure on an already strained skilled nursing industry in 2021. The next 12 months will be yet another test of resilience. Looking ahead to 2022, SNFs must stay nimble and inventive to not only survive but thrive. Private equity will continue to lead the nursing home transaction market pack, […]

Everyone is Right About What’s Wrong with American Nursing Homes

One of the most frustrating parts about covering the disaster in long-term care over the past year has been seeing the incredibly complex system failure of COVID distilled into news stories, Twitter broadsides, and press releases with decidedly simpler narratives. Whether you’re a novelist or a journalist, good storytelling requires a hero and a villain, […]

Nursing Homes Must Advocate for Better Regulations, Payments After COVID. They Also Need a Plan to Improve

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to skilled nursing providers that makes some kind of dedicated assistance at both the state and federal level imperative. That was apparent in the pandemic’s early days, when outbreaks would sweep through facilities like wildfire through dry grass, as SNF executives and politicians noted. But that assistance has to […]