Everyone is Right About What’s Wrong with American Nursing Homes

One of the most frustrating parts about covering the disaster in long-term care over the past year has been seeing the incredibly complex system failure of COVID distilled into news stories, Twitter broadsides, and press releases with decidedly simpler narratives. Whether you’re a novelist or a journalist, good storytelling requires a hero and a villain, […]

Nursing Homes Must Advocate for Better Regulations, Payments After COVID. They Also Need a Plan to Improve

COVID-19 has dealt a devastating blow to skilled nursing providers that makes some kind of dedicated assistance at both the state and federal level imperative. That was apparent in the pandemic’s early days, when outbreaks would sweep through facilities like wildfire through dry grass, as SNF executives and politicians noted. But that assistance has to […]

SNN Survey: Most Providers Will Survive into 2021, But Capital Providers Remain Worried About Census

A recent Skilled Nursing News survey of nursing home operators found cautious optimism about the near-term future of the space, with a majority seeing a clear path to the future even without additional government support. At the same time, operators have largely been pouring that federal largesse — including CARES Act grants, Payroll Protection Program […]

As Skilled Nursing Rebuilds After COVID-19, Residents and Families Cannot Be Afterthoughts

“Indispensable, important in the highest degree.” This is one of the definitions given for the word “essential,” when used as an adjective, in the 1964 edition of Chambers’ Etymological English Dictionary. A more modern resource, the Dictionary.com app, has a similar one: “absolutely necessary, indispensable.” The demarcation between “essential” and “non-essential” played out at scale […]

One Federal Report Was Never Going to Solve Systemic Nursing Home Problems. The Real Work Begins Now

A White House task force this week released an exhaustive report detailing the struggles and failures that the nation’s nursing workers and residents have endured over the last six months, but there wasn’t much information in its 186 pages that should have come as a surprise to anyone following the space. A coherent, coordinated, and […]

To Stop COVID-19 in Nursing Homes and Honor Workers, Federal Aid Must Include Direct Payments to Caregivers

Six months into the coronavirus crisis, the nation has settled into an uneasy return to semi-normalcy, with many schools reopening, sports airing on television every night, and most people learning to live with socializing in small groups while wearing masks and keeping plenty of distance. But for nursing home residents already ravaged by COVID-19, any […]