Nebraska Lawmakers Pursue Amendment for Millions in Federal Funds to Save Nursing Homes

State lawmakers in Nebraska are working on an amendment to secure millions in extra federal funds to prevent skilled nursing facilities from closing, according to an article in the Nebraska Examiner.

The move comes amidst closures of nursing homes and assisted living facilities, particularly in rural areas across the U.S.

The proposed amendment, spearheaded by State Sen. Myron Dorn, aims to increase reimbursement for patient care through the federal Hospital Quality Assurance and Access Assessment Act. This initiative mirrors a successful effort to secure additional federal funds for hospitals in the state.


If approved, Nebraska could receive nearly $24 million in additional funds for nursing homes in the first year and $117 million in the second year.

The amendment aligns with Governor Jim Pillen’s call to seek more federal funds to support state services. While the proposal cannot be used for assisted living facilities, it aims to provide relief to struggling nursing homes.

The amendment will be introduced as part of Legislative Bill 130 and undergo a public hearing before the Appropriations Committee. If passed, nursing homes would need to meet specific criteria for improving care, with no fiscal impact on the state.


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