Rethink Podcast #37: Mikko Cook and Carrie Leljedal

The 37th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available!

The federal government in March ended a year-long nightmare for families across the country when it announced the relaxation of visitation bans at nursing homes in all but a few limited cases.

But for the family members who spent 2020 working to reunite with their loved ones, the work won’t end along with the expiration of strict lockdowns.


SNN sat down with a pair of those leaders — Mikko Cook and Carrie Leljedal — to learn what they want to see from operators and policymakers in the future.

Listen to this podcast to discover:

  • What families think operators did wrong — and right — during the coronavirus
  • How states could facilitate essential caregiving programs to prevent future lockdowns
  • And more!

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