Rethink Podcast #35: Hank Watson of American Health Plans

Simply maintaining day-to-day operations at a nursing facility in 2020 was a herculean task, but several providers were able to also execute on the roll-out of an I-SNP, a special kind of Medicare Advantage plan for long-term care residents that proponents say provide both clinical and financial benefits to individual facilities.

Hank Watson, chief development officer at American Health Plans, sat down with SNN to talk about the experience of launching new I-SNP ventures in 2020 and beyond, and why he — and his company’s nursing home partners — still see promise in serving as both provider and payer.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • How COVID-19 changed the I-SNP calculus for providers
  • Why investing in clinical care is vital for I-SNP success
  • How operators can bridge the gap between value-based payments and fee-for-service
  • And more!

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