Rethink Podcast #34: Tammy Tuminaro of Century Rehabilitation

Third-party rehabilitation providers are a crucial part of clinical care in the skilled nursing setting, and neither the pandemic this year nor an overhaul of Medicare reimbursement last year has changed that fact. But it has changed how rehab providers are working with their SNF partners. 

Tammy Tuminaro, the recently named CEO of Century Rehabilitation, joined Skilled Nursing News’ Rethink podcast to talk about how third-party rehabilitation providers are navigating the pandemic and how Century sees the relationship between SNFs and third-party rehabilitation evolving.

Listen to this episode to learn more about:

— The promises and pitfalls of telehealth for providing rehabilitation
— How SNFs and third-party rehab can collaborate more closely – and why they need to
— The importance of clinical pathways in getting residents to the best outcomes.

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