Rethink Podcast #30: Karen Hoffman of University of North Carolina School of Medicine

The 30th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available!

Until scientists develop a vaccine or effective treatment for COVID-19, infection control — already so vital to resident safety — must be at the top of every nursing home operator’s list of priorities.

For Karen Hoffman, that topic has been the subject of her career over the course of four decades. As a former CMS consultant, current clinical instructor at the University of North Carolina, and 2019 president of APIC, Hoffman has dedicated her professional life to improving infection control and preventing the spread of disease in nursing homes and other settings.

She joined “Rethink” to discuss why COVID-19 can be so difficult to contain, how operators should reframe their mindsets to fight it as a chronic menace, and what CMS should do when evaluating its enforcement strategies.

Listen to this episode to learn:

— Simple investments with major preventative payoffs
— Ways CMS can improve and enhance enforcement efforts moving forward
— Key areas for operators to focus on 
–And more!


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