Rethink Podcast #10: Care Providers Oklahoma President and CEO Nico Gomez

The 10th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available!

Skilled nursing facilities in multiple states are facing down gaps in their largest payer source: Medicaid. Across the country, providers are trying to deal with major shortfalls between the amount Medicaid pays per patient day and the amount it costs to care for a Medicaid patient.

But as one state shows, the situation isn’t hopeless. Oklahoma recently passed legislation to bolster Medicaid funding for nursing homes, while giving them incentives to improve on key quality measures. The deal was the product of cooperation among a range of provider groups — including Care Providers Oklahoma, the state’s American Health Care Association affiliate.


Nico Gomez, the president and CEO of Care Providers Oklahoma, pulled back the curtain on how the coalition was able to win a significant reimbursement increase — the Nursing Home Quality Assurance Initiative — during the state’s most recent legislative session. It was a success that came after multiple attempts by his group to address the Medicaid gap.

In this episode of Rethink, Gomez covers:

  • Why quality is a crucial part of Oklahoma’s Medicaid funding increase
  • The importance of cooperation and support in getting bills like the NHQAI passed
  • What providers in other states need to do for similar legislative successes

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