Rethink Podcast #8: Greystone Founder and CEO Stephen Rosenberg

The 8th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available!

Stephen Rosenberg founded Greystone 30 years ago with the modest goal of forming his own consulting shop after an executive stint at Dean Witter Reynolds. But over time, Rosenberg and Greystone built a name for themselves in the health care and multifamily housing lending space, growing to encompass a portfolio of $34 billion — with a major stake in the government-backed financing of skilled nursing facilities.

Listen to this episode of Rethink to hear Rosenberg discuss:

  • Why investors are increasingly coming around to the idea of skilled nursing facilities as long-term winners
  • How the Greystone team evaluates deals
  • What types of skilled nursing properties are increasingly hitting the market
  • And more!

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