Rethink Podcast #7: sb2 Inc. Founder and CEO Chad Bogar

The 7th episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available!

Amid the revolution sweeping Medicare reimbursements for skilled nursing facilities — from PDPM to value-based purchasing — Medicaid has quietly emerged as a prime threat to operators across the country. Reimbursement rates in multiple states don’t cover the daily cost of caring for Medicaid residents, forcing buildings to close or endure disruptive receiverships across the country.

As the CEO and founder of law firm sb2 Inc., Chad Bogar has dedicated his career to helping residents and operators solve their Medicaid problems through the courts and other mechanisms designed to protect them.


Listen to this episode of Rethink to learn:

  • How providers can apply Medicaid victories won in other states to their operations
  • Why federal law trumps state regulations on Medicaid rates
  • How Bogar and operators in Illinois fought the government over long-delayed Medicaid claims
  • And more strategies for Medicaid success

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