How One Skilled Nursing Provider is Revolutionizing Short-Term Rehab [Sponsored]

Within a competitive landscape for skilled nursing rehab, many providers are seeking ways to differentiate themselves for their patients and their referral partners. One New York-based provider is doing just that and is recording success with its new model.

Centers Health Care, based in the Bronx, N.Y., has launched a new program, coined “GO,” across seven of its 50 owned skilled nursing facilities as a means to revolutionize the rehab experience.

GO, which stands for Good Outcomes, hinges on an optimal patient experience that nets better outcomes and higher satisfaction. It does this by making the rehab experience more contemporary, comfortable and convenient—as well as more efficient and effective. And the entire program is covered by Medicare.


Netflix-meets-skilled nursing

In part, the GO Program raises the bar for its rehab services by introducing patient conveniences from Netflix to Chromebooks and high-end coffee. It’s also investing in Jintronix, a state-of-the-art biofeedback system, which is accessible to all patients.

“There are two things we are trying to address with GO,” says Steve Carr, director of sales at Centers Health Care. “One is evolving expectations around what are patients are used to in their home setting—things like Netflix. The other is changing the expectations around what activities look like on the clinical side with things like therapy gyms, equipment and the training we give our therapists.”


With respect to home-like conveniences, the GO Program offers all rehab patients access to entertainment streaming, smart TVs, Tim Horton’s coffee and an appealing menu of healthy food options. A concierge service relays requests via call button.

When it comes to clinical offerings, the program provides around-the-clock access to a Registered Nurse, as well as an attending physician five days a week. The Jintronix biofeedback system complements Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation software, both in place to measure patient outcomes. Toward the end of a patient stay, a fully-equipped Activities of Daily Living (ADL) suite helps prepare the individual for a successful return home.

“Ultimately what [patients] get in the GO Program is a great alternative that involves a focus on the two areas most impactful to the patient,” Carr says. “One: What is the experience going to be like throughout the stay, and two: What is the outcome going to be and how are the nursing and rehab team going to impact the patient?”

The program receives the same Medicare reimbursement that Centers’ other SNFs receive and does not amount to any added cost for the patient.

Better experience, better outcomes

A critical component of the GO Program is measuring both outcomes and patient satisfaction. The results of a patient survey administered to all that have gone through the program has, to date, netted a 90% satisfaction rating among patients who say the experience met or exceeded their expectations.

But beyond improving patient expectations, Centers attributes program success based on its net admission volume. Among the company’s SNFs with the GO Program, admissions are up 8% over those facilities that do not host the program.

The organization then counts on word of mouth referrals to continue that upward trend.

“One of the standards of the program is the goal to return the patient to the community,” Carr says. “The more people we can get back into the community who are raving fans, the more we can build up that base of advocates for people who might need skilled nursing down the road. That is a goal for patients and families who have experienced us, saw it was different, and might [pass the word along].”

Expanding the revolution

Currently in seven facilities, Centers Health Care plans to grow the program across its portfolio with its presence to include 10 to 12 communities by the end of 2019.

“Our hope is that as people understand what the unit is about,” Carr says. “Like in acute care, everyone has an idea of what the ICU is versus other departments. In rehab, this program can give them a better experience.”

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