Listen to the Rethink Podcast #2: CEO Anne Tumlinson

The second episode of our podcast, Rethink, is now available!

From the federal government to Avalere Health to the advisory firm that bears her name, Anne Tumlinson has been a leading voice on the business of long-term health care in the United States. As CEO of Anne Tumlinson Innovations, she hears from providers around the country, who tell her about their struggles and successes with new payment models — including managed Medicare and accountable care organizations.

In our conversation, Tumlinson said she’s no longer comfortable telling providers that all they need to survive in the new landscape is a solid set of data proving good outcomes. The reality is much more complicated than that, and success could require operators to band together to negotiate the best rates moving forward.


Download this episode of Rethink to hear:

  • Why providers partnering with their competitors might be the path to success in some markets
  • Why consumers choose Medicare Advantage plans, and why seniors may not always understand what that decision might mean for nursing home coverage
  • How operators can navigate the dual — and dueling — worlds of fee-for-service Medicare and new payment models

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