[Webinar] Rethinking Partnerships and Collaboration in Care Delivery

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Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm CST
Date: Tuesday, January 8th

The care delivery landscape is experiencing a seismic shift. As payers and providers assign new values to care, skilled nursing operators and industry participants face greater risks in doing business in today’s environment.

This webinar will dive into an expert discussion on how to rethink partnerships and collaboration in care delivery. Successful post-acute care organizations will focus on coordination and delivering value while managing risk and being properly compensated for that risk. Local relationships, and even unusual partnerships, are driving this change across the care continuum.


Five reasons to attend this webinar:

1. Skilled nursing providers need to understand the motivations behind the “drive to home,” so that they can remain relevant and competitive in the current value-based landscape.

2. Medicare Advantage is expanding its coverage, and in some cases, care providers offer plans that can cover the entire care continuum, including skilled nursing. Managed care organizations are focused on reducing costs among the skilled nursing population.

3. It is virtually impossible for any one organization to be an expert in providing all the levels, settings, and types of care needed for high-need, high-cost seniors. Organizations will need to rethink the competitive landscape to identify new partnership types.


4. New risk is unavoidable. Knowing the major health system providers and payers in your local market — and what’s important for their business — is essential.

5. Partnerships and collaboration are key both to survive and to be financially rewarded in a value-driven world increasingly dominated by managed care. The valuation of your real estate depends on your ability to partner effectively.

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