This ‘Home Improvement’ Character Would Make a Good Caregiver, Survey Says

It’s not Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, but his wife, Jill, who would make a good care worker.

That’s according to a new survey from Senior Helpers, one of the nation’s largest home care franchises, with 298 locations across the U.S. and over a dozen more abroad. The survey tracked responses from 1,000 adult children between the ages of 45 and 64.

The survey asked respondents to choose from a list of ‘90s television show characters that would hypothetically make the best in-home caregiver. The top pick was Jill Taylor of “Home Improvement,” who clocked in at 37%. Other popular selections were Fran Fine of “The Nanny” (25%), Tony Micelli of “Who’s The Boss” (24%), and Uncle Phil of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” (13%).

But not every question revolved around pop culture.

Nearly 85% of those surveyed said they would want their parents and loved ones to age at home as opposed to moving into a senior care community. Additionally, 60% of those surveyed said care for seniors is “more positive” in the home than at assisted living communities, and another 60% of respondents said they were concerned about juggling the wellbeing of their aging parents with the responsibilities of caring for their families.

Many respondents (34%) said they want someone with caregiving experience to care for their loved ones, but don’t necessarily need to use a professional care facility. When asked why their aging parents still live at home, 58% of those surveyed said it was “because of the comfort and dignity associated with living independently.”

“While caring for an aging loved one is a noble act, this should not come at the expense of one’s own physical and mental health,” Chris Buitron, chief marketing officer at Senior Helpers, said in a press release. “Above all, it’s important to be realistic and determine what care you can or cannot provide, and then know when to seek assistance.

Written by Tim Regan



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